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  1. I am in no way affiliated with the site being mentioned, but wanted to ask if anyone else is playing the fantasy league on this site ?? http://fantasyactionsportsleague.com I was searching for a good site to play and pick a fantasy SX team on and this site was by far the best layout and easiest to use. But sadly it seems like it does not have a lot of traffic. Still enough players to get a team going, but I was expecting/hoping there would be more people using it. There is still a Free Season Legue open to anyone that registers on the site with a $100 reward, but what I really like was that there is a race by race league option where you can buy into smaller multiplayer leagues with winnings from $10 to $100 based on entry fee and # of players. Anyways, check it out !! I'm looking for some more player/league options for Race #2 in Phoenix. For $2.30 there is a 25 player league option with a total pot of $50 being paid out to winners. …. Actually, just checked - looks like there are 385 people in the Free Season League playing for the $100 prize. Just wish more people would be willing to put up small cash wages for other games. My username is drew840 if you join the free league. I ranked #89 out of 385 for the first race.
  2. Ya, that was it... Thanks - I was so worried it was something from inside the engine cover.
  3. Pulled apart the right side engine case to inspect a couple things on the bike. I'm gong absolutely crazy because I have this spring and I don't know where it came from. I suspected that it came off the shaft for the oil pump gear.... as when you open up the right side engine case this shaft just about falls right out. I have looked at the service manual and at parts catalogs and diagrams of engine layout and I cannot place where this spring came from. The parts I had removed at this time were water pump cover and impeller, the right side engine case and clutch cover, the kickstarter and the brake pedal, and the clutch plates.... Did they add a spring to the shaft for the oil pump gear?? Cause it fits perfectly on that shaft.... but I really don't think it's supposed to be there?! Wow, this is embarrassing.
  4. drew840

    Clutch Housing Question

    Thanks for feedback. Bike is at a friends house so I will have to get the clutch basket off and double check. But since I had the top end done last season I think its time for a bottom end rebuild. And after further research, I just don't think its a job that I want to take on. I think I'm looking at roughly $1200 for bottom end rebuild (from my local mechanic).
  5. drew840

    Clutch Housing Question

    Quick question about the Clutch Housing and I cant find the answer.... Im tearing down my bike and noticed that the entire clutch housing has about 1mm of play in it ...??!? I can literally hold the clutch housing and wiggle it slightly to the left and right, up and down while it is still bolted down. Is this normal or is this an obvious sign of a problem?? I've been working on the bike trying to see where a noise was coming from in the engine... and my last post was in regards to main bearings and water pump bearings which I suspected for the noise I was hearing.
  6. Major primetime network is looking for "dirt biking families." Do you head to the desert every weekend? Do you and/or your kids compete in any races? Is your toy hauler always packed and ready to go? We want to hear from YOU!! Looking for families that ride, race and live on two wheels (or four). If you or someone you know might be interested in being on TV please reply with information requested below. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and family (pictures are great too), how old your kids are, and how you're the ultimate dirt biking family. Where and what type of riding/racing do you participate in? Reply to: hilary.britten@zodiakusa.com
  7. Thanks to all who replied. All the input and help is greatly appreciated. I have never done any engine work of this caliber but I just cant afford to pay a shop for this kind of work right now. I also recently found this online talking about the water pump shaft. I am going to inspect this as well but thought this was a good write up about one possible problem. http://www.motoobsession.com/MO_Tech/engine/2010-KX450F-water-pump-repair.aspx Is there anything else I should buy if I'm going to tear it down that far?? I think I should do the bottom end just because of the hours on the engine. Time for some more reading and research.... I'm also gonna have to buy some more tools for this job.
  8. 2007 kx450 bought new, many hours on engine but exact number is uncertain. I had top end rebuilt at end of last season and now six to seven rides later I have noticed a noise on what seems to be the right side of the engine. It sounds like a blown bearing. I just realized I need to replace the clutch, but the noise I am hearing I suspect to be from something else. I hear it when the bike is hot, but if I let the bike cool down it takes awhile for the noise to come back. Besides pulling the entire case apart and inspecting piece by piece, is there any signs or tests that can easily tell me what bearings might need to be replaced?? The engine of the bike sounds normal, however I do believe it sounded a bit louder the last time out (unless it was just me). I am not leaking any oil or coolant, and levels on both are not an issue. Is there any easy signs of what could be the problem?? Cam Chain tension has been recently checked by shop and valves are also in spec. I have never done any work to the bottom end, all bearings are stock, and as said, I know I need to replace the clutch, but it was still operating okay - i just noticed major discoloration on the plates and think its about time to do it. What can I look for?? If I pull outer case is there a way to test where my problem may be??
  9. drew840

    Silverwood/Lake Arrowhead

    It's going to be freezing up there right now....
  10. drew840

    Favorite Dirt Bike Movies

    not a movie, but I always loved Street Hawk the tv show (like Knight Rider but on a bike) but the cheesy 80's movies were also great... Dirt Bike Kid Winners Take All
  11. drew840

    MY DAY

    Never been there before, looks like a lot of fun. Can you drive right in from the 138?? Any fees or passes required for this area??
  12. drew840

    LA area weekday riding thread

    I think we all got a little beat up from yesterdays ride. But overall it was definitely
  13. drew840

    LA area weekday riding thread

    Is there anybody on here still out riding during the week?? I've posted on here before some time ago but never actually ridden with anyone from this site... Im trying to go riding on Wednesdays to local spots (no tracks) if anyone has the day off and needs a riding partner or is willing to let someone new joint their group.... Let me know.
  14. drew840

    Timing Chain Question

    How often do the guides for the timing chain need to be replaced? I just had a new top end installed and since the rebuild I sware I can hear the timing chain in the case... I'm wondering if I need a new timing chain or if it might just be the guides... The bike is an '07 with approx. 100 hours on it once I had the Top End done. I know its not the drive chain because I just replaced it and have re-tightened it after install. It was hitting the subframe after the last one wore out....
  15. drew840

    tacoma or frontier?

    Used 2nd Gen Tacomas are almost harder to find than new trucks right now. I just bought a 2006 Tacoma Pre Runner TRD model with 50,000 miles... I looked everywhere, there are a lot of double cabs out there but I really wanted an Access Cab. Most used trucks out there have 80,000 + miles on them. I looked at a couple dealerships real good before buying mine and dealers would barely budge on the price. They just know they are gonna sell easily so they dont have to give them away. Right now I could easily put another 40,000 miles on my truck and just about sell it for the same price I paid for it!!! The Tacoma is a very hot truck right now, and they hold their value. I almost bought a older Tundra but after doing some research it just made since to spend a little extra for something nicer. Just do some research and decide what you like best, I already own a Toyota 4Runner so buying the Tacoma was a no-brainer for me. I'd also suggest you check out the forums for both Frontiers and Tacomas to see what people say about them. I'm sure they both have a few minor issues people complain about in the long run. I don't know the forum for the Frontier but for the Tacoma check out Tacomaworld.com