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  1. q-tip

    Evart, MICHIGAN - closed due to bad storm?

    thank you 2trakr
  2. q-tip

    Evart, MICHIGAN - closed due to bad storm?

    So does this mean nobody is allowed to ride evert sundy on fathers day? I wanted to see if anyone wanted to split the gas and do a dads day of fun rain or shine.
  3. q-tip

    why don't you race motocross?

    Ok I don't mean to knock mx id much rather see u guys out riding in a circle then sitting on a couch but to spend all that money to ride for a short race and wait till its you're turn again is boring and a waste of $$ to me.If you're worried about skill level riding on trails just start slow then progress same as on a track. Now why i wont race mx other than it bores me i cant see jumping 30+ feet in the air just for other people to watch me do it and possibly get hurt. I know i can do the same on the trail but there im not doing it for a crowd im doing it to challenge myself and to conquer the trail. I get no love for the feats i accomplish just self pride.
  4. q-tip

    why don't you race motocross?

    Why is it that almost every mx rider i know has a tattoo and in some way talks about being hard core and tough because they ride mx. Not one of them will go and ride trails with me they say things like trails r for wimps why is it that a wimp can ride for hrs straight and bump off of trees and never know whats coming at them and those who just talk about it wont even try it hmmm. I know it takes skill to ride a track to but c,mon how can u expect to gain experince if u don't take a challenge and anyone can get faster going around the same track. And know i say grab you're balls mommy's boys and ride somewhere u don't know what to expect around the next corner
  5. q-tip

    Six Days of Mich tag needed?

    Title and dot tires insurance then plate. No turn signals required must have a mirror a flip down works great just use a Velcro strap to keep it down due to branches and bumpies and a squeaky peddle bike horn.ohh and a whole lot of stamina.
  6. q-tip

    KX65 runs rough after 35 minutes

    check the coil they can act up when they get hot. or a dirty carb or poss. somting in the tank floating arround till it clogs up.also check muffler packing.
  7. kzoo PM me when u r planing to ride next. Im sure we can work out a ride share with gas so high everyone is looking at options + a group ride always has more entertainment.
  8. q-tip

    Year differences?

    I sold my 04 kx250f and got a 99 200 exc I am happy with my choice I know I couldhave got a newer bike but i paid $1600 and it is in great cond. My friend got a 94 300 mxc and he is happy as well so thats my input.
  9. q-tip

    MCCCT ride the way we all want to!

    military rashons are good but u need to take them out of there pouch to shrink down the packaging.
  10. I live in new hudson and i have a 94 f-150 with almost a full tank. other than that im broke. I have never rode those trails but would love to i could probbly get 2-3 bikes and people there but not back so if anyone has about 50-60 bucks for gas to get back im probly good just get back to me today.I ride a ktm 200 exc and I am a middle level rider i can hang and not complain i love a challenge but always need the practice.:ride:oh and im not plated yet.
  11. q-tip

    KX100 top speed

    i have a 98 kx 80 and i can pass cars going 55 with no problem and it still pulls the front tire up thru 5th gear 6 th if i try oh and i am 31 yrs old 6 ft a nd a whopping 155 lbs. the bike also goes the same speed with my 265 lb brother on it. It is built but i dont know to what extent. fmf fatty and was built by mcr? . I got the bike for my wife to ride trails on.
  12. q-tip

    kx 100???

    i have a 98 kx 80 and with my 300+ lb friend on it it will take him for one hell of a ride. Im 6 ft 155 lbs and i love it even tho it is my wifes bike faaast and powerful and great suspension. not sur if this helps but its the smallest bike i have ever owned and is almost just as quick as a yz 125.
  13. q-tip

    Caberfae Trail Maintenance this weekend

    I have no plate yet nor a ccc member can i help if i dont ride and i walk the trail? I most likely will be in the area and would love to have a start in getting involved! Im not to sweet anymore so i wont melt in the rain.
  14. q-tip

    Keep ATVs off Michigan Motorcycle Only Trails