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  1. widebear

    Sachs Chronicles chapter 84

    I've accumulated over one thousand hours total combined on three sets of Zoke 45's where I had hard coating performed on the outer tubes and damper rods.Money well spent.
  2. widebear

    Sach shock reservoir cap came off

    Your not alone here Johnny.Twice I've rode on blown shocks,zero nitrogen and it took somebody else to point it out by asking if my back tire was supposed to be a foot off the ground after a hit.If it wasn't for those heavy shock springs I run. Call me sensitive.
  3. widebear


    Seems the technician did find his white smock after all but there's just a tiny little hole in one of the sleeves.Hard cheese old boy.
  4. widebear

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    Cons? That I only own one of the three.
  5. widebear

    Sachs Chronicles chapter 84

    Multiple re-valves are sometimes necessary,more so if you actually have a definitive target that you see and comprehend but failed to achieve first time round.Plenty of unsuitable re-valves out there because the customer just doesn't know any better,or,With a certain amount of money paid out for a perceived return a certain amount of placebo effect may just suffice.Aka,ignorance is bliss.And yes I'm as guilty as anybody on this point.
  6. widebear

    Sachs Chronicles chapter 84

    How many words per minute, widebear? True that. And thats why the CC's are good enough for this old trail hack.For me toponing,I've discovered, is more important that bottoming.
  7. widebear

    Sachs Chronicles chapter 84

    So if i'm correct, What your saying is.It's of no use to 99.9% of the keyboard racers on TT
  8. widebear

    2019 Beta 200RR: Less is More!!!

    Carefull.You might end up with the user name,Italian sausage.
  9. These can be made to work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/10PCS-New-Trimmer-Fuel-Filters-For-STIHL-ZAMA-ZF-1-ZF1-Homelite-49422-Chainsaw/122648418024?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  10. widebear

    First ride on the 2019 Beta 200RR

    What are you doing on this site Murray? Your not thinking of jumping ship are you?
  11. widebear

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I went out for a shove fest today.
  12. widebear


    It's prob because the technician cant find a brilliant enough white smock to wear before he approaches them with surgical precision.
  13. widebear

    4T Front Spring Rate

    Krannie gave me a set from his 430. I had them measured,came out at .47
  14. widebear

    RR250 or xt300

    Just to be clear.I never suggested that it would outsell the 300,I said, "I felt the resale would be better" Not volume but percentile wise relative to the displacement.My fault for not explaining properly.
  15. I've just gotta ask.Is it, Bass like the fish or Bass like the guitar?