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  1. njdrt-rdr

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    There is a way to create some.kind of overlay map similar to vv mapping that I use for Hatfield. But I dont know how to do it yet..
  2. njdrt-rdr

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    I'd like to see a way to view these on a garmin GPS. Any ideas? I dont run a phone on my handlebars.
  3. I've never seen the type that don't get used without hand guards. But as for the type that get used with handguards. They are still made. called moose foam hand guards. I run them on my bikes in the winter and it makes a huge difference in keeping hands warmer. I didn't realize it until we were riding on a super cold day(low 20's) and I had to take a buddy's bike for a ride and he didn't have them. It was then where I was like holy crap are my hands freezing. So I run them anytime I'm riding in colder weather.
  4. Has anyone registered a bike in south Dakota that you didn't have the certificate of origin or title for. I have a older bike I want to plate and I don't have anything but a typed up bill of sale.
  5. njdrt-rdr

    Plating a KTM

    Im from NJ...Correct..nj has no inspection on bike. Correct they have a list and they check vin numbers. Here is a link to the list. With ktm, if the 8th digit of the vin is a 3, they will not register it. https://state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/vehicles/mc_manufacturers.pdf While I cant say for certain. It's been my belief that certificate of origins come from the manufacturer and not from the state. The mfgr stamps it with the not for off road use. When you buy a bike with a co. The co never even goes to DMV from the dealer. Whether it gets registered or not depends whether the state you are trying to register in pay attention to the stamp or cares about it.. You can take that co and register and title it in south Dakota. Just google how to register any dirt bike.
  6. njdrt-rdr

    Rauschcreek Off-road Park

    Yes, trails are similar but as pat said you can have a yearly campsite on premises. So it's like a camping neighborhood. Also I don't think they have the rule about being 12 years old like fro. As far as aoaa I believe they have a bit more property although I'm not totally sure..I never joined as the price was too steep for me.
  7. njdrt-rdr

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    That dude is absokutely without a doubt spot on !!!...I don't have unlimited time to ride. To me waiting around for unprepared or late people is not fun in any stretch of the imagination. Show up on time, be ready to ride and be prepared. It's a respect thing for the people to our are with. I was at Hatfield McCoy for the first time a few years ago and Myself and a friend spent an hour and a half one time looking for a rider who missed a turn and decided instead of going back to the turn where we were all together, he went off on his own, made his way back to the cabin and was all showered up by the time we got back. While we are riding around worrying if he fell off a cliff or had a diabetic attack or something. Or when you drive two hours to a trail head and the one guy your riding with that day, his bike won't start so the day is done. And it doesn't start because he just put it back together and didn't test it at home.
  8. njdrt-rdr

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    That absolutely is a good read !!!
  9. njdrt-rdr

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    I would second that idea for a communicator. I wish I had done it with my son much sooner too. It really has made our riding much better from both the teaching and the social aspect..
  10. njdrt-rdr

    Trying to street legalize my DRZ400E

    And here's a list of accepted mfgrs for NJ. I believe the 8th digit deal only applies to KTM. https://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/vehicles/mc_manufacturers.pdf
  11. njdrt-rdr

    Trying to street legalize my DRZ400E

    I'm in NJ and a friend of mine has a SD plate. You can read about SD here. https://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?144432-Get-a-Street-Legal-Title-and-Plate-for-ANY-Bike!
  12. njdrt-rdr

    Trying to street legalize my DRZ400E

    South Dakota...
  13. Reminds me of sweet cheeks add on for seats.
  14. njdrt-rdr

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    I haven't been there in a bit either .originally I had found some singlerack a couple years ago and the it got widened out..my buddy Ed was told same thing about it not being mailed or mapped. He was told first hand by the guy running AOAA.
  15. njdrt-rdr

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Dang Pat you didn't mess around...heal up soon please...