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  1. Cactus73

    17 model 300 XC/XC-W availability

    That was the total cost for me to date. Most people can figure out that if you had it shipped to you, you didn't pay taxes on it yet.
  2. Cactus73

    17 model 300 XC/XC-W availability

    I posted the exact amount I paid to get my bike shipped to me. $8600 for the bike and $295 for shipping. I haven't even registered it yet, so the taxes didn't even occur to me at the time. You act like I was trying to pull a fast one on you. I have a pipe guard, disc guard, hand guards, skid plate, and Tublisss and I'm not even at $10,000 yet.
  3. Cactus73

    Throttle stuck open today, what is the fix?

    If someone has a stuck throttle with the stock throttle cable and the Motion Pro, it's not the cable that's the problem....it the installation. Most guys don't pay enough attention to ensuring that the cable is inserted correctly into the top of the carb. If the tip of the cable is not completely inserted into the cable holder with the plastic ring seated into the slot with the small peg into the notch, it will pop out causing a WFO situation. I always shine a bright light on the carburetor slide, wearing magnifying glasses to ensure that the cable is inserted, fully into the cable holder. I have never had a stuck throttle as a result.
  4. Cactus73

    17 model 300 XC/XC-W availability

    After paying Idaho sales tax, $9411 OTD.
  5. Cactus73

    17 model 300 XC/XC-W availability

    Glad to hear they still have it. I tried to buy it from them a few weeks ago and they wanted full price ~10,300 out the door. Ridiculous. Got a 300XC-W shipped to my door for $8895
  6. Cactus73

    float level setting

    I have adjusted all of my KTM's two strokes using this method...'06, '08, '10, and '13. If you adjust it as the manual states, it will be too high.
  7. Cactus73

    Carbon Buildup Cleaning Tricks

    Why not just run an oil that has a lower flash point like Amsoil Interceptor?
  8. Cactus73

    Ktm prices facing a 100% tariff if this passes

    This has been going to happen for the last few years....as in, I bet it doesn't happen this year either.
  9. Cactus73

    300 jetting database

    So, what you're saying is....follow the manufacturers recommended jetting by disregarding their recommended mixture ratio.
  10. Cactus73

    4 strokes? I THINK I've finally learned my lesson

    I haven't used No Toil in 10 years, but it's not expensive. Does No Toil still drip into your air box if you don't ride for a couple of weeks? No, I didn't over service my filter when that happened. I always apply about 3oz of filter oil, no matter what brand. No Toil always migrated down to the bottom of the filter and then would drip into the airbox. That never happens with Bel-Ray filter oil...even if the bike sits all winter long. Doesn't your CRF have an o-ring chain? If so, why are you spraying WD-40 on it?
  11. Cactus73

    4 strokes? I THINK I've finally learned my lesson

    I did the same thing when I rode a diesel. Checked the valves like crazy too. Tick-tock, tick-tock....could never get that thought out of my head.
  12. Cactus73

    Kreft Moto XPLOR review

    Hmmm....it looks like Jimmy Lewis likes the Xplor suspension and I'll venture to guess that he is faster than all of us. http://dirtbiketest.com/fresh-dirt/tuned-2017-ktm-300-xc-w-build/#ZsTDVKz532Zfs64Q.97 "As for suspension our initial impressions are really positive on the new WP XPlor 48 fork and PDS shock so we decided to leave it as is for now. Depending on how things pan out when the suspension is completely broken in we may end up changing springs and valving."
  13. Cactus73

    4 strokes? I THINK I've finally learned my lesson

    Yep, most. Most means the majority of; nearly all of. Notice that I didn't say all of. Read the oil threads in the four stroke section of any dirt bike website. The majority of four stoke owners are changing their oil every 5 to 10 hours. Some are changing their oil every ride or every other ride. Very few are changing it at the recommended interval. Under normal circumstances, I cannot understand why anybody would change their oil more often than the manufacturer recommends...but they do!
  14. Cactus73

    4 strokes? I THINK I've finally learned my lesson

    Two strokes are not as efficient as FI four strokes...but twice as much gas? You're exaggerating. My four stroke buddies get about 75 to 80 miles out of a 2.2 gallon tank. I get about 85 to 90 miles out of my 2.9 gallon tank. So the difference is about 5 miles per gallon. The cost is not nearly the same. A four stroke costs $1000 more than an equivalent two stroke. I can buy 100 quarts of Amsoil Interceptor for $1000. I figure it costs me an additional $2.30 in pre-mix and another $1.20 in gas, per ride, vs a similar sized four stroke. It would take 285 rides of 90 miles to eat up the $1000 difference in purchase price. However, I change my transmission oil every 20 hours...per the owners manual. Most four stroke owners change their engine oil at least twice in 20 hours...add a couple of oil filters to the tally and the four stroke ends up being more expensive to operate per ride.
  15. Cactus73

    Honest Review- 2017 300XC

    The '17 300 EXC and the '17 TX 300 both have a couterbalancer.