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  1. I talked to PMB/Fastway about this. They looked at the Bergs but couldn't find any good attachment points, so it's unfortunately it's unlikely they will bring out a stand.
  2. Thanks guys, the bikes really were amazing. We have a bunch more pictures and details on the bikes up on our Facebook page, here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/HusabergAdventureTeam
  3. LukasM

    DR650SE Longevity ?

    There is a guy on ADVrider who works as a motorcycle courier in Australia. I think he blew his gearbox shortly before the 200.000 km mark. Before that he replaced the cam chain every 80.000, but I don't think anything else. Engine is rebuilt now and keeps on ticking!
  4. LukasM

    Procycle HID Kit

    No, you take out the entire HID kit and just plug the normal halogen bulb back into the stock connector. The ballast does not get used any more. The TT and BD lights both use a different bulb than the DR.
  5. LukasM

    Dr 650 swap meet

    I've got a spare. Sent you an email.
  6. LukasM

    major engine failure

    That may be the case in the US thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (I think that's what it called) but in other countries it's mandatory to have the services performed at a manufacturer approved repair center in order to retain the warranty.
  7. Obviously a (semi)-knobby is never going to be as stable as a more street oriented tire. But just try higher pressures for highway riding, 30 psi or thereabouts.
  8. LukasM

    DR650 Diet

    Shedding 20 lbs is pretty easy, after that it gets very expensive. There have been a few threads that contain lots of good ideas, do a search.
  9. Wouldn't it be better to mount a separate bung and injector in each head inlet to ensure that both cylinders are getting the right mixture? I would imagine that you could tune the MS to do that after checking the pipes separately with an O2 meter. There is actually a long build thread on Advrider already (lots of interest in a mid-size adventure bike with a twin engine), but it's currently on ice since I wasn't sure how to deal with a few issues of the engine swap. Got some other projects I am working on right now, but I'll pick it up again eventually. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=456542
  10. Thanks again Rob and Headtrauma, and sorry for the threadjack. Unfortunately the space in the frame I am using (LC4 Adventure) is very limited, or I would have kept the twin throttle bodies that came with the 650 twin engine. As it is they are way too wide and use up too much space. However I think I could make it work with a Y and single throttle body without having to replace any of the rear backbone tubing. Then I could place the airbox on top, flanked by twin split tanks.
  11. Thanks for the answer. I do have a 46mm Keihin TB from a KTM 690 (654cc) that I could use... Have you ever seen a calculator or formula where you can input HP, RPMs, displacement etc to get an estimate for optimal TB size? HP and torque of my twin (650cc from a Kawi Versys) would be the same, maybe 10% higher than the 690 engine it was originally used on.
  12. Read this: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=417178 And this: http://injection.ambraa.net/#home
  13. The way that throttle body is installed it looks like it was made for the DR. Question for Rob and you other EFI gurus: You mentioned using a single throttle body with a Y tube on the dual inlet DR800 head. Would there be any problems doing that on a 180° parallel twin cylinder engine, as long as you placed the injectors downstream of the Y? Would low speed driveability suffer similar to using an oversized carb? Cheers, Lukas
  14. I don't think that's a good idea, I heard some people are already getting pinging from using regular gas under hard loads.
  15. Producing a carbon/kevlar skidplate that works properly and actually holds up would be way too expensive for mass production. The E-line stuff looks good for about one ride. Go with the OEM and forget about it.
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