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  1. XR Vinnie 400

    Running Rough...

    I'm going to try it right now. Thanks
  2. XR Vinnie 400

    Running Rough...

    Taking the chance of sounding like a complete tard, I am supposed to turn it counter clockwise.
  3. XR Vinnie 400

    Running Rough...

    I looked at the one that came on it and it didn't look too bad. I was planning to get a uni filter for it.
  4. XR Vinnie 400

    Running Rough...

    I tried to adjust the screw but it didn't make much difference. I turned the screw 2 full turnes then I was afraid to go any further.
  5. XR Vinnie 400

    Running Rough...

    I have a 2003 Honda 250ex Quad. I just bought it and it is running a little rough. I replaced the spark plug but that didn't do anything. When I ride it it seems fine until i let off the throttle, then it pops a couple times and when I come to a stop it will barley idol. When it is idoling, I have to trottle up fast or it will die. Any ideas?
  6. XR Vinnie 400

    Some old pics...

    Sweet old pics
  7. XR Vinnie 400

    Guys.. I think I broke a nail

    Maybe he did break a nail
  8. XR Vinnie 400

    A quad you may like

    Its no XR thats for sure
  9. XR Vinnie 400

    pretty insane jump

  10. XR Vinnie 400

    Price on my bike

  11. XR Vinnie 400


    good one:moon:
  12. XR Vinnie 400

    Boo Koo

    Don't know:excuseme:
  13. XR Vinnie 400


  14. XR Vinnie 400

    Muddiest bikes!

  15. XR Vinnie 400

    blue honda....looks bad?