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  1. Thanks man.
  2. What's the best product for a 6ft 4 rider weighing in at 250lbs Every one I try feels like its for a seven year old kid. Any recommendations as to which brand are large?
  3. 2010 FX450e (e stands for Enduro as I converted her with lights etc...)
  4. We just ordered some guides from Kawi and they have updated the OEM part. The new slider was much thicker, We have fited it but not had chance to monitor the hours it last as yet. We use T.M. on the race bikes but OEM on the test / practice machines. The TM product rule but its good to see Kawi doing something as the original sliders were only lasting 2 or 3 weeks.
  5. Its not really luck you write 2 in the box that asks how many seats. Never thought of that as a homologation tho?
  6. Mostly the DRZ is sold as a road registered bike. If you do not get the dealer to road register the bike then you can do it for less than £100. Yu do need to produce insurance certificate which would need to be at a UK address and some ID. Enduro bikes do not need type aproval in the UK. The RMX will also be sold here but more than likely registered as an enduro bike and there is no homologation here for passengers you just get on and ride. Dealers would more than likely register both bikes for you at a cost.
  7. I know Husky do a kit but I have options on some second hand parts, Has any one got the list of the parts with numbers or a ref drawing needed to put an e-start on a 09 TC450 please?
  8. Akrapovic is the only way to go.
  9. OffRoad

    Venison burgers for tea Pops....
  10. OffRoad

    All this result proves is David can beat the slower riders here in USA, What will happen when he faces Aubert, Cervates, Meo and Ahola etc etc etc...? Is he happy to take the big dollar and win the easier GNCC races or is he really about being the best in the world and going back to WEC? Hopefully we will find out at the ISDE.
  11. Went to emergency today, got xray and they found a crack in my collar bone towards the shoulder joint end, not broken right through. They told me to keep doing as much as I can, but dont ride for 10 days. They dosed me up with pain killers and sent me to physio to rid me of the muscle spasm in my neck. I feel better after the physio. unless its just pain killers!
  12. Had a bit of a crash whilst racing, At the time I thought I had broke my arm felt sick, immense tingle and pain in forearm and hand but it was an enduro so had to compose myself get back on the bike just to get out the woods. Anyways pain lessens as I ride the control so I carry on with the day. At the end of the day I cant move my head to look left without inducing quite a lot of pain and stiffness. I go on to ride day 2 as it was a 2 day event and I wanted a good result. I still got a a lot of pain in my shoulder blade area and my left hand tingles like pins and needles as if I have slept on it but not 100% the same. Now 2 days later neck is still sore as hell, shoulder feels good when supported in a sling like as if I broke my collar bone but is sore if not supported. Hand is still tingling and no noticeable change from the evening of the tumble. Neck is slightly better but miles off normal. Whats the way forward, I dont want a tingling hand for the rest of my racing life, Will it go away or will I need something other than Physio? I see an Army PTI soft tissue specialist for most of my aches and pains. Its not the elbow thing as I have had that operation to move the nerve there already!
  13. OffRoad

    Kawasaki ride announced on Off Road CHampions site.... coming back to US to do GNCC.
  14. OffRoad

    I did not mean the exact "team green" but that was general term for a Kawasaki rider. for example "My dad got a KDX, he has joined team green," It does not mean he is riding out of the big rig or racing superbikes or has replaced Vilipoto in the MX team it just means he got a Kawasaki and because of the colour of the bike and the fact the two words of similar sound lend themselves to being written in the "team green" form. I am sorry if I confused anyone. He will be on Kawasaki tho according to paddock gossip.