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  1. CRF450r03

    XR250l 04 Strange Problem

    Ok i have purchased an 04. XR250L when i bought it, it had only done 13kms...100% genuine. the fuel was off and almost a black colour. so i drained the fuel and removed the carb. cleaned that thoroughly. however The bike takes around ten minutes to warm up enough to be able to even ride it, Decelleration is very slow, when you pull the clutch in it seems like it takes forever for the revs to die down. At high rpm it seems to miss really bad, just generally is not a nice bike to ride. Any suggestions? surely it must be something simple with only that many kms Cheers Guys Mick
  2. CRF450r03

    XR250L 2004 CDI Module

    Hi guys just a quick question about the CDI on an 04 250L. Just want to know if it is the same as the 96-01 CDI. and if they are a direct fit Cheers Mick