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  1. 1882

    battery tenders

    Same thing happens on mine. I just disconnect the ground
  2. 1882

    2012+ WR450 Pics

    What kind of seat is that? Looks a bunch more comfy, thanks!
  3. 1882

    200 jetting database.

    2005 200EXC 38mm carb Stock slide, 200 main, JD Blue #4, 45 pilot, 1.5 AS Sunoco 110 leaded & 93 50/50 2000' elevation, temps 50's-70's V3 reedcage, PCII exhaust, ported, stuffed crank, head mods, 125SX CDI, powervalve set at max agressive not much spooge, very crisp & responsive, couldn't be happier. Sounds rich but I have every performance service offered by Clay Wolfe at Munn and she likes a bunch of fuel.
  4. 1882

    motor mods affects on jetting.

    Yeah it kinda surprised me as well, I just kept going fatter & fatter on the jets and she just kept getting better & better, plug is perfect. I keep this jetting year around and simply adjust my race/pump fuel ratio to compensate for varying temps. 60/40 race to pump fuel for cold & 40/60 race to pump for the heat, works out real nice...
  5. 1882

    motor mods affects on jetting.

    I had Clay at Munn stuff the crank, port the jug and mod the head on my '05 200 and she runs best with JD blue #4, 45 pilot & 200 main with 50/50 110/93 at 40:1. She definitley wanted more fuel after the work.