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  1. ISX

    Someone want to go trailriding?

    Way too much rain for that enduro to be any fun. That place isn't like chadwick lol
  2. ISX

    Someone want to go trailriding?

    Sorry I get busy and time slips by and... I might get a chance to go riding tomorrow at cole camp at this poker enduro. Anyone else going?
  3. Perfect weekend and everyone I know has en excuse. I just want one person to ride with, not much into group riding. Chadwick is my ultimate destination but would be willing to try others if someone wanted. I go very slow to very fast depending on how fast you go haha, either way doesn't bother me. I can adapt to ride with anyone, newbie/pro, doesn't matter to me, I would ride with a 2 year old if they were fast enough to keep me from fouling a plug lol. Weekend is just gonna be too nice to pass up, I gotta ride. Mine is an 06 ktm 300.
  4. ISX

    MX tracks for beginners

    I would be up to check out their trails again. I was probably 12 the last time I was there, 10 years ago. It was bad enough that I never cared to go back, but it would sure be nice to go somewhere closer than chadwick. Finger lakes is an hour from me, chadwick is more like 3.
  5. ISX

    MX tracks for beginners

    I always go to moberly since it's really forgiving. There are a few big jumps in the back that I roll over but the rest of the track is fun. Did they fix finger lakes up? I haven't been to that track in years, when it used to be nothing but hard pack asphalt equivalent crap.
  6. ISX

    Single Track in MO?

    Chadwick really is nice. I was there last weekend when the day use area was packed and I still hardly saw anyone on the trails. Going again tomorrow. Can't resist that trials area lol.
  7. ISX

    Kansas City area riders

    I usually go to chadwick. I think you said you were from kansas city or something so that's probably too far from you. I don't know of many other places. If you have a place in mind that isn't MX then I am all for it. I'm in sedalia.
  8. ISX

    Kansas City area riders

    I'll go riding with anyone anywhere if I don't have to work. I can go as fast as you or as slow as you, really don't mind as long as we aren't sitting more than riding haha. Oh and I don't do MX..
  9. ISX

    Exhaust Help

    I can't seem to find much so hopefully this hasn't already been asked a million times. I wrecked my 06 yzf450 and beat the hell out of the muffler, but it was the stock one so I want to get a new one. I thought the main one to get was FMF but from what I did find when searching was a ton of other contenders like Dr. D and yoshimura. I'm sure there's more so now I'm lost in a haystack. I would like it to look good which the Dr. D's seem a little bland while the FMF really stands out. The Yoshimura looks good but I know nothing about them. I want it to have good power, noise isn't an issue. Are there any other brands out there I should be considering? Thanks for the help guys!
  10. ISX

    chadwick trails mo

    St. Joe has a lot of smooth trails, as in, you can get on trail 100 and simply haul the mail. Chadwick is very unpredictable. I got on trail 105 off of 171 (I think thats the primitive camping road as well) and it starts off where you can do, well I was hitting 50-60+mph, then you will suddenly hit rocks that will slow you wayyy down. Every trail is like that, once you think it is an "easy" trail, it throws a curveball at you. This is incredibly fun as you always have something new to challenge yourself on. St. Joe has it's limits on trails, the only real challenge being hill climbs. Chadwick throws a curveball on some of the hills as well by making them nothing but creek gravel, (flint rock stuff I think) that sounds like broken glass when your roosting it all over the place. Chadwick also is 100x safer since the chance of running into someone cresting a hill is pretty unlikely, it does happen but people are few and far between there. I like flying on trail 100 at st joe but there are too many people on that trail to get to full speed. Chadwick is worth every penny.
  11. ISX

    Finger Lakes Information Needed

    Last I remember finger lakes had a lot of trails closed off. This was a few years ago, rumor has it they opened back up. I remember everything being nothing but a bunch of mud holes. Theres a lot of big hills there that might not be for everyone. I think you can get around most of them. I'd like to get an updated opinion on this as well.
  12. ISX

    Need a Riding Buddy

    I didn't know anyone went there every weekend as a regular thing so that works just as well. The guy I ride with is usually with me but not the most dependable and I would like to go down without him sometimes. Most of the people I know from around here are scared to death of that place so it crosses a lot of people off the list lol.
  13. ISX

    Need a Riding Buddy

    I've had a some others invite me to ride with them there as well. I will definitely be there this weekend, if I get my bike back together, wheel bearings are shot. The guy I normally ride with is going but maybe I can ride with some of you guys a little too.
  14. ISX

    Missouri Need a Riding Buddy

    I've been riding about every weekend (trying to) and the guys I ride with have a number of excuses as to why they can't do it every weekend, be it work or just being sore lol. However, I can keep up with doing this every weekend no prob and wondered if someone else would like to ride with me. I live around sedalia (MO State Fair) and mainly just go ride around on trails in chadwick or st. joe state park. I don't really do much motocross. I have a truck and TT all you would need is your bike and gear and we go down and ride. I am 21 and would like someone around my age. I have ridden with a number of older guys (50+) and it would be nice to have someone from the same era for once. Most of the guys I like to ride with are 16 so even that's fine with me. As long as your within 20 miles from sedalia or anywhere along the route to chadwick or flat river then thats fine with me. I have been looking around here for weeks and this is a last resort thing but I am desperate to go riding. There just has to be SOMEONE sitting around on weekends wanting something to do. I can ride as fast or slow as you can (trust me), I don't have a problem with going slow (that's all I have been doing for the past couple months). The plan is to go down early saturday morning and leave sunday sometime for as many weekends as I can get off from work. Let me know and we can start riding asap.
  15. ISX

    Breathing exercise

    If you really want to learn how to breath right, sleep on an air mattress that will be flat by morning and make sure your on a tile floor that will be impossible to find comfort in and force you to air that mattress back up. If anyone has every blown up balloons for a party or something you know after the second one you feel like puking if you went at it nonstop, so you know what I felt like trying to blow up a completely flat queen size mattress. I kept at it going as long as a I could then taking a break, even if it was just 2 breaths. After a couple weeks, I could blow that thing up nonstop and beat that POS compressor that came with it. So what does this really teach you? It teaches you to breath DEEP. I wasn't going to get anywhere if I was just blowing in little puffs of air so I filled my lungs completely each and every time. Most people evolve during their lifetime to where they breath with their chest. If you watch someone (maybe even yourself), you can watch your chest go in and out, rather than your stomach. This is completely wrong and only fills half or even less of your lungs full capacity. Now when you need more air (riding dirt bikes), this shallow form of breathing no longer suffices. Either learn to breath as fast as a rabbit or breath like your intended to, with your stomach. While you sit there all day or work or whathaveyou, focus on breathing in with your lower lungs, with your stomach. Keep breathing in and eventually your chest will follow and you will fill 100% of your lungs. You will end up switching to your mouth rather than your nose while riding since you need a lot of oxygen but you should remain breathing to 100% capacity. It might be hard to focus on it while riding but if you do it enough while your not riding (since you can focus on it easier) then it will become second nature and will be easier to control while riding. Another factor to this is your heart. Just because you are filling your lungs with oxygen doesn't mean the oxygen is getting anywhere. A weak heart will have to pump like crazy to get oxygen everywhere. A normal persons heart rate is around 60-80, girls tend to be higher. Mine runs around 50 or less. Breathing deep allows a lot of time for the heart to get a lot of oxygen, rather than a short breath. Heart strength also has a lot to do with it. That Armstrong guy who rides bikes has a heart rate of 32 or so. When you work really hard, so does the heart, what happens to muscles that are worked? They grow. A stronger heart means it can shove more blood per "thump". Cardio works the heart really good if you are straining yourself and making it beat really fast, muscles don't grow by hardly working them. The combination of proper breathing and a strong heart will allow you to run forever without getting tired. I ride enduros really fast and I have yet to have a guy go as long as me, they always get tired and quit while I could go seemingly forever, which is bad when the guys I ride with are 16-18 year olds who work out every day and appear to be in twice the shape I am in. I hope this helps you. I am not a doctor or anything, just a 21 year old who has paid a lot of attention to a lot of factors lol.