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  1. Danie24932

    Maybrook, NY CLOSED!! Now What??

    I live pretty close to maybrook, Monroe. U think id have any problems riding there with a dual sport? It seems like people are getting cought because their trailers.
  2. Danie24932

    Sidi Discovery

    Im seriously intrested in buying a pair of the Sidi Discovery http://www.newenoughmx.com/sidi_discovery_page.htm. Im looking for something that provides the best protection while also being able to hike, use on the street, and wear my pants over. I also like how theyre water resistant. My question is will the steel toe plate interfere with my hiking ablity? Im thinking that it will just slip if im climbing up rocks. Maybe its removable. That would suck if thats stoping me from getting them cause they seem damn good for dualsportin. I guess i might just have to go with the adventures which look less protective http://www.newenoughmx.com/setup_adventure_page.htm.
  3. Danie24932

    how do u chk the oil level?

    I just got my drz this week which didnt come with a manual. I havent got a chance to pick one up either. So are u supposed to screw it in to check or just place it on the threads?
  4. Danie24932

    Tire Size Question

    From what ive read on these forums most people complain about the front 606. I made my decision on the majority of people opinions. Im also probbly riding different terrain here in New York.
  5. Danie24932

    Tire Size Question

    Im finally ready to order my first set of offroad tires. Decided on a d606 rear 120/90 and an mt21 for the front. My problem is i cant seem to find the stock front size on any of the sites ive looked at (80/100-21). Ive only seen 90/90R and 80/90P. What does the R and P stand for? and which one will work better? Should i go out of my way to find the stock size? Also should i go for a 130 in the back?
  6. Danie24932

    Trails in Central NY???

    Anyone know of nice places to ride in rockland/orange county areas
  7. Im planning to go to Rome this February to live with a friend and travel throught Europe. My friend is studying abroad in Rome so im taking advantage of a free place to stay. I just got my first bike about 2 weeks ago, Drz-400s and im hooked. I was planning to do some long distance trips this summer but i cant wait that long. My question is does anyone know of a place or maybe what it would run to rent any type of bike, for any amount of time. I was also thinking about possibly shipping mine over but im not sure how practical that is. Figured id ask here for peoples opinions before i start my research. Also id like people to share their riding experiences in Italy/Europe.