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  1. eldavo

    R6 throttle tube=Great Mod

    A DIY spacer on your stock throttle with some PVC tube. http://tw200forum.com/forums/48205/ShowPost.aspx I had a friend with an '05 R6 that had a dicky throttle tube, I wouldn't recommend them Goddarn it, I've already posted in this thread! Anyway the TW200 forum post info for DIY method above is new to me, and I'll do that in the future.
  2. eldavo

    Mikuni 40mm Flatslide report

    My TM40 tuning today: - I took the airbox door off (modded to be skeletal holes with prefilter) - Duct taped the snorkel hole so door was only intake - Fitted a new TwinAir (freshly oiled with spare/unusable 5W Fuchs Synth fork oil Feels even torquier now off idle and low-mid rpm. Feels lean starved revving out high rpm WOT, power I last felt when riding the brand new bike all stock and running in Motoman style. Cool day, the bike was "tick tick tick" (not boom) cooling down after parking on way home today. Same old WOT takeoffs wherever possible, longer way home for the bends. Tomorrow I'll be opening the box from Procycle with the spare jets, parking bike at my parents near work, bicycle to work, up one main jet size at lunchtime. Last time I did no airbox door with standard carb, it howled unbearably. I used new earplugs today anticipating this, but the intake was neutral. The IDS2 Quiet Core (that needs repack after I staked it) is much louder. I rode lunchtime without earplugs (5min no highway), and still couldn't hear the intake over the exhaust.
  3. Thanks, I thought that would be the case with the formula probably involving something squared. If the jets can be reduced to small enough size, can an airflow restrictor be inserted to reduce the carb section to whatever the smaller size is? I suppose even if this stuff was possible, next issue would be needles and a whole lot more. The smallest TM with accelerator pump is TM33, I'll try to find some flow figures for the BDS26 and look beyond the Mikuni.
  4. I was wondering if there is a rule-of-thumb for multiple carburettors sizing/flow equivalent if using a single carb. I have a Procycle DR650 Mikuni TM40 currently on my DR650. I just acquired a SRV250 with Mikuni BDS26(x2) rated 27hp@8500rpm from the air cooled v-twin. This is basically the same engine the Virago XV250 with single Mikuni BDS26 (20hp) but with some head/cam differences for the peak power. Just on the matter of size and jets, does dual BDS26 2x26mm=52mm section mean TM40's 1x40mm section won't be too large as a potential single flat slide carb replacement for the pair of BDS26 CV carbs? The jet sizes of each Mikuni BDS26 is in the order of: Pilot (both) 20, Needle Jet O-6 (both - may be part number not cc/min), Main 90 (front) 87.5 (rear), Main air jet 140 (both) My gut feeling/fear is the TM40 is too big. Logically I thought it may be jetted down, maybe the section reduced with a restrictor, but I'm not really in an educated guess. I am returning my DR to stock for sale, but want to keep the goodies inc. TM40 kit for a future DR. In the meantime I thought instead of a small fortune on OEM new dual intake manifold rubber elbows (aged/cracking), I'll see if I can make use of the TM40 and make a custom intake manifold.
  5. eldavo

    dr650 exhuast/slipon

    is that IDS2 race core or quiet core supertrapp?
  6. eldavo

    Un-Doing The Airbox Mod

    samaki you may want to do plug checks with your ride tests, quick and easy to do, and another good variable to observe.
  7. eldavo

    dr650 exhuast/slipon

    Was that the IDS, or IDS2? Sounds like yours may have been an older/less refined example than what they are making now. I have an IDS2 Quiet Core from September 2006, has 5000km on it and no faults. Since I applied header wrap all the way the IDS2 runs much hotter than normal, discolouring the lettering on the metal "IDS2" badge (riveted into the body, not plastic), but the packing hasn't burnt up or gotten louder yet. Good value adjustable unit I think. Exhausts are overpriced IMO, but at least the IDS2 varieties are 1/3rd less than the next brand. Light muffler, light on the wallet.
  8. eldavo

    Tachometer question

    +1 on Topgun, have two of the Topgun examples, one on my TW200E, and one for the DR650SE to be fitted tomorrow.
  9. eldavo

    DR 650 idle speed

    If you've got the greenbacks burn them like hippies at the stake I would! But I'm a little bit hippy, so chose a little more affordable option, and could afford two, one for my TW200E (already fitted, fits and works great) and one for the DR (which kit was intended) I'll be fitting tomorrow: http://www.topgunmotorcycles.com/dr_tach/DR_tach.html
  10. eldavo

    Wanted Stock muffler for 2003 DR650

    I have one I removed the final/outer baffle pipe so the outlet hole is slightly larger. Instead of being quiet OE, it was a louder but muffled air sound (no tone) - someone taking a knock said sounded like a human sized blowfly hovering. It was enough to push me over the edge to get an IDS2 Quiet Core, and haven't looked back. Louder, but in quiet mode nothing like race core or other aftermarket exhausts. This thing is so heavy I'll have to sell it locally to pay for the grinding stones I used up getting the stainless baffle pipe out!
  11. eldavo

    need brake pad help

    If loud pipes save lives, squeally brakes will save a civilisation! That would be great on the road, let people know I'm slowing down with flashing brake light (from kientech) and also with ear piercing sound! They'll probably hit you anyway while looking for a truck.
  12. eldavo

    R6 throttle tube=Great Mod

    The R6 throttle tube on my friend's brand new '05 R6 had a problem of binding/sticking. It turned out to be the plastic housing the cable end knob was too thin, and with just a bit of full-throttle tension has the cable knob end trying to pull out, and the plastic being too thin, so it gave way a little. That plastic was resisting against the inside of the housing. I have his old one as I was going to try it on my previous SV1000 but it is buggered for the above reason. I have a 1/5th insert but have no use for it on the DR, I just reduced the cable slack, so throttle blips are easy. I rarely use full throttle offroad, but as I gain confidence offroad I might fit it to the DR.
  13. eldavo

    Thanksgiving week end ride video

    nice vid, looked like tough going there, hate to try pulling the 650 around that stuff!
  14. I just registered to TT, first place I came to look and what a great vid!