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  1. 1BAJA03

    120 rear tire insted of 110?

    I have noticed my bike bites better in the dunes than the stock 110 plus more stable. My .02
  2. 1BAJA03

    Rear Tires

    I've changed mine several times but the other day I was changing a 756 with the regular tube and the final pull I ripped the tube. So I sent it off to the local shop and got a heavy duty tube to boot all for 45. Should have seen the looks I was getting from my wife while I do this priceless.
  3. 1BAJA03

    Bad Exciter?

    Shop tested all wiring harnesss all tested in spec everything. They had another 450 next to it so they could compare still nothing. The bike did start and ran for about 3 minutes then quick again. I guess this is something that happens sometimes on electrical systems.
  4. 1BAJA03

    Bad Exciter?

    Recently my 06 450X stalled when I was riding it. The bike was been highly maintained oil, air filter, greased etc. Never been ridden hard or through the water mud etc pretty much baby the bike. Took the bike to the shop and they said the exciter has gone bad. Any feedback would be great, maybe what causes this etc. Thanks
  5. 1BAJA03

    Best Place To Get Stabilizer?

    I'm looking @ finally getting a scotts stabilizer for my xmas present. Looking for a sub mount using oem clamps (rg3 later though) bolt on large knob and pro taper fat bars. Thanks for the info.
  6. 1BAJA03

    Are there any Sub mount systems besides BRP

    Agent question for you where did you end up getting your setup from? Looking @ same setup with bars, stab, etc. Looking for my xmas present. Looked @ BRP showed a different price. Thanks