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  1. Digital Guard Dawg Anyone installed one of these 'keyless' systems on their e-start RFS? It allows the rider to arm and disarm his security system in a completely “Hands Free” manner by replacing the starter relay with one that responds to a Radio Frequency Identification Device that the rider carries. http://www.customdynamics.com/digital_guard_dawg.htm
  2. 4570inMD

    525 exc maintence question

    Both bikes have missed a lot of scheduled maintainance. The first is at 3-hrs and then the interval is 15-hrs. Valve adjustment, to keep them from tightening up and making it hard to start, is considered important. Even with two screens and two filters, changing the oil on time will ensure a long life. Much info is availaible at KTMTalk.com and an owner's manual can be downloaded: http://www.ktm.com/71.0.html?detailview=4&cHash=dcbf8829e1
  3. After a couple of months research and searching, I finally found a 2004 450 exc within a hundred miles. Sunday afternoon I meet the owner and will be able to 'go over' the bike. What shall I look for considering that it only has 71 miles? The only modification is the addition of hand protectors. What is the order of modifications discussed in this Forum that I should install? TIA
  4. 4570inMD

    Which GPS???

    Gamin GPSMAP60cs has worked well in all my vehicles. The only issue is the power interruption that occurs when the unit is shocked. GC ==========================