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  1. BigRob21MX

    Sprocket Sizes needed.

    Can anyone tell me the factory sprocket sizes for a 02 and 04 crf 450? im looking for both front and rear. thanks
  2. BigRob21MX

    Pics of your CRF 450

    my 04.
  3. BigRob21MX

    04 CRF450 parts interchangibility?

    I just finished a rebuild on my 04 450 yesterday. !st time it was rebuilt since 04 and the bike went under water in hurricane katrina! i replaced the cylinder, piston, rings, head, put ss valves, springs and all. Pretty much everything from the crank case up is brande new. ordered everything from service honda and the rebuild ran about 750$
  4. BigRob21MX

    Honda steering demper on a zook..

    the honda HPSD was not designed to stop head shape from what I have read on other sites. It was made to help with holding a line in the turns. Forget where this was posted tho.
  5. BigRob21MX

    what year crf450r should I look for

    i bought a 04 for $1000
  6. BigRob21MX

    Get a Leatt Brace A.S.A.P.

    if you can buy a $8000 bike, but want to complaign about a 400$ brace then you shouldnt be riding. your safety should have no price. I have the brace and have been wearing it for a few months now. If you have the brace properly sized then there is no way for the brace to cut your neck open. When my brace is on it barley moves arround. there are also no charp eadges on the brace to cut you unless it is not latched correctly. If you dont think the brace works then dont buy it. if you think they are over chargeing for the brace thats up to you, but like i tell everyone 400$ on a brace shure beats 30k in hospital bills.
  7. BigRob21MX

    Honda Progressive Steering Damper

    i wana put this on my 04
  8. BigRob21MX

    CRF450R carb vs. 450X carb

    im useing a 450x carb on my 04 450r and dont notice any differance in preformance.
  9. BigRob21MX

    DX1 or Factory backing?

    i jsut got the fx dx1 numbered plates and i really like them. they look sweet.
  10. BigRob21MX

    04 cr450f suspension

    ok what i really need now is a chart that will have what springs are buited for what weights.
  11. BigRob21MX

    04 cr450f suspension

    I recentley bought a used 2004 cr450f from someone who had the bike tuned to their weight (they are 60 pounds more than me). does anyone know a website where i can purchase some new springs to set the bike up to my weight 160 pounds? thanks in advance