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  1. zz28zz

    YZ426 tranny problems

    That's the impression I got from the seller over the phone. My concern is the seller will replace the min amount of parts (like most sellers do) and I'll develop more tranny problems later. Sounds like if the eng is ok and the cases aren't split I should offer him abt $350 less than his original price and repair the tranny myself.. Thx for help!!
  2. zz28zz

    YZ426 tranny problems

    Thx for the replys! Yeah, the lingering debris is what really concerns me. The seller is a 50 year old guy who used the bike for trail riding almost exclusively. When he did ride on the motocross tracks, he says that he never got out of 3rd. Hard to imagine this guy being hard on 4th gear. What does a gear set and a set of shift forks run for one of these machines?
  3. zz28zz

    YZ426 tranny problems

    2 sets of gears!!! This seems nuts for a modern bike. I bought my 84 IT-490 brand new and have never had to split the case. I hardly ever use the clutch and raced it for over 4 years. Anyone else replacing tranny gears on a regular basis??
  4. I'm currently looking at a YZ426. I found a 01 model for a good price, but later found out it's missing 4th gear. He says his friend will fix it. I did a search and found a few folks experiencing self destructing trannys with this model. Now I'm worried. Is this issue being overplayed or is it a real concern?? Thx!