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  1. wvuvaulter

    uni filter for sherco doesn't fit

    can you just order the right one off rypusa.com and use the uni in single version as a spare? RYP is generally quick in shipping.
  2. wvuvaulter

    the best tires

    In the trials world, most club level riders will take Dunlop or Michelin. There isn't a whole lot of difference to us. Some guys will run the IRC tire also. They are a little cheaper than the Dunlop, without too much difference. The last time I got Cheng Shin tires, I sent them back. They were more of a trials tread. The rubber was hard, not soft, so the performance would not be the same at all. Its the softness that makes the tire. Generally, for us, the softer, the better.
  3. wvuvaulter

    Dirt bike riding schools--recommendations?

    http://www.trialstrainingcenter.com/html/riding_activities.html If you have not been cross-trained in trials, I recommend it. It will make you a better rider. Other than these standard training events, they have trials training days in March, which is geared towards regular trials riders.
  4. wvuvaulter

    Dependable trials bike? Any such animal?

    I have had 3 modern trials bikes, a beta and 2 sherco's. The Beta I got was a 99 Techno 200. It was a great transition into modern trials, but it was broken ALL the time. I hated that bike by the time I was done, however, I don't think the previous owner took the best care of it. I moved on to an 01 Sherco 290, which I instantly rode better on. It was like I turned into a different rider over night. I did have a few things to work out on it though, as the previous owner also did not handle it with the best care. I rode that bike for 2 seasons while I saved up $ for a new one. I bought an 07 Sherco 250 last Feb. and it has been good. There were some faults in the front brake and clutch master cylinders. The seals seemed to have a problem, but a rebuild kit did the trick for each one. The kits weren't too expensive and don't take long to change (as long as you don't get air in the line...) After doing a lot of riding last year (approx 30 events + some practice time), the bike still starts on the 3rd kick cold and 1st kick warm. Many of our district riders switched from Beta and GG onto Shercos, reason- they were tired of the other brands breaking all the time... As far as differences in performance, the Beta had a much heavier front end, and the Sherco's now have a shorter swing arm. So, the front end comes up a lot better on the Sherco.
  5. wvuvaulter

    2008 Rules Changes

    The only rule about other bikes in trials is that you have trials tires. In the beginner class, they will allow other off-road tires. But after that, trials tires only. I have actually seen guys/kids come out to our local events on non-trials bikes and ride the lower classes. In vintage trials, half of the oldest bikes are modified enduro/mx bikes that are ridden for trials.
  6. Harford County Council in Maryland tried to pass a county bill to ban dirtbike/ATV use on all private property under 5 acres and limit those on larger than 5 acres to certain times of the day. The bill never made it to the voting session. The response was so high, that the amount of emails and phone calls to the council members overwhelmed both them and their equipment (ie blackberrys and email) I suggest that NJ residents send personal email and phone calls to their representatives. In this, you should suggest that they have a public meeting before they make their decision on how to vote. Also, I got an automatic email response from my rep, but they did read the actual email I sent and sent me a more personal email. Hope this helps. I will spread the word as best I can.
  7. wvuvaulter

    2008 Rules Changes

    Being that Colton is originally a MXer and has only been riding trials for 2 years (and has now gone into the PRO class btw), in endurocross, I would have to say Colton has a definant advantage over Geoff, and could possibly be better. Put them in a trials comp and Aaron is going to win hands down, but don't under estimate Haaker's background and what it clearly did for him in endurocross. Please also note that in trials, Wineland and Webb are also better riders than Haaker, but could not match him in Vegas, although Wineland rode better in the 1st 2 events. They both also were riding the Cota 4RT's, which the trials guys said seemed to be better. I think Haaker rode his GasGas in the other 2 events (I could be wrong), showing the Cota was better set for endurocross, and may partially explain his better performance than Wineland?
  8. wvuvaulter

    entering the 2008 endurocross

    Can't they'll put me in the trials bike class. I compete against those guys all the time, already know they can kick my... And I still weigh less than my Sherco, at least the trials guys outweigh their bike.
  9. wvuvaulter

    2008 Rules Changes

    For those of you talking about bikes being modified and better off-road bikes, have you seen or heard of the new Scorpa T-ride? Its a trials-enduro hybrid. Check out the link. The video is the last box. And so if someone wants to show up on this at Endurocross next year, what class are they going to be put in?? Video http://www.scorpausa.com/?trigger=stv Specs http://www.scorpausa.com/?trigger=bikes&bikeid=tride250F
  10. wvuvaulter

    entering the 2008 endurocross

    I just thought maybe they could entice more than 1 or 2 girls that way. Riding a bike that outweighs you 2:1 is hard enough in normal events, throw in all the other obstacles that require you to "throw" the bike around and it becomes even harder. Not to mention "short leg syndrome." I don't even know if I would do it with just girls. I was just asking.
  11. wvuvaulter

    2008 Rules Changes

    I agree. They hate trials bikes so much, but what kind of tires are the non-trials bikes using on the track??????? That's right, 75% of the bikes I saw go by had at least 1 TRIALS tire on. Most of them had trials tires on both rims. I also heard that they were going to separate the trials bikes. I wish they wouldn't. I think the trials bikes made it that much more spectacular. It's my understanding that Endurocross was supposed to be the best of the best. Why should trials riders be separated out and given special treatment? I mean, what other race/series can boast that competitors from all disciplines can and do compete? And more importantly, the crowd loves it! There is no rule that says the other guy's can't enter on a trials bike. So if it's the bikes that are so much better, then maybe they should consider riding a trials bike, otherwise, guess they should just suck it up and realize someone, who just happens to be a trials rider, is better than them. They are the best in the country at their sport. But maybe the trials riders will just never get respect. They haven't until this point, thought that maybe endurocross would get them that, but maybe not. Most of the trials riders for next year are saying that they will be back, and if they separate the trials bikes, they aren't going to be riding the trials bike then, they're going to switch to another bike. And so what's going to happen next year? No one really knows, but look at how many of the top riders in this years main race either are or were trials riders? I agree with Z-50, it's the rider, not the bike. Have the complainers ever really ridden a trials bike before? Do they know what the gearing is like? It's not exactly the best "racing" machine. The suspension isn't as good either. Besides, I think they made the track pretty equal this year. The straight sucks on a trials bike, and the water was high enough that those guys had to slow down in the water, and some were drowning out even still.
  12. wvuvaulter

    entering the 2008 endurocross

    Anyone know if they will make a female race? I think if they could create tracks that can be set up for the guys races and then make them able to be quickly modified, by changing a blocking or two, you could have a grand female race that wasn't quite as gnarly as the guys, but still a great spectacle.
  13. wvuvaulter

    Trials rider wins heat race at Enduro Cross

    Um, our competitions generally last 3 hours or more! Local events can be as quick as 3, NATC lasts about 7 hours. Granted we aren't on the bike the entire time and wait in line at sections sometimes, it's still a long time to ride. Usually, the last 1 or 2 loops for us a local events is straight through. Although I do highly enjoy the seat on my vintage bike when I ride it.
  14. wvuvaulter

    Trials rider wins heat race at Enduro Cross

    Yes, he certainly proved to the motorcycle world that us trials riders really can ride after all! He kicks @$$ in the trials expert class too. I ride in the same district as him.