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  1. Guys, I am having the infamous hondamatic issues with my rubicon. It's a 2001. It will move for about 30 seconds after you start it then it stops moving and makes grinding noises. I'm going to do the oil pressure test tonight to see if that is the culprit. Is there a way to confirm the Hondamatic is okay? I would hate to replace the oil pump only to find out the hondamatic is bad too. The four wheeler is old enough that if the Hondamatic is bad, it's better to sell for parts than fix it. Thanks WW
  2. Hey guys. What is the factory setting for the front and rear suspension on my GG ? I'd like to start from there before I start tuning it. Thanks WW
  3. wessels69p

    1999 Gas Gas TXT 321

    Thanks! WW
  4. wessels69p

    1999 Gas Gas TXT 321

    Folks, I just picked up a 99' GG 321 that I'm quite sure is totally stock. Any updates, upgrades or common failure points that I should proactively address? Thanks, WW
  5. wessels69p

    trials bike pictures

    Just picked up this 99' 321.
  6. wessels69p

    Txt 321 price or bike issues?

    I bought it today. I was able to get it under 1500 so I'm pretty happy with the price I paid. New tires and bearings in the chassis. Plus he had the manual and video plus some spare new parts (levers, carb kit, lighting). All it needs is a rear fender(cracked like they all are). The front brake drags a bit for some reason but I'll get that sorted shortly. Other than that, I have already been climbing stuff!!
  7. wessels69p

    Txt 321 price or bike issues?

    Thanks for the note. Does the price seem logical?
  8. wessels69p

    Txt 321 price or bike issues?

    Guys, I'm getting back into trials after 10 years gone. I'm not sure what bikes are worth these days. I found a clean 1999 Gasgas txt 321 with low hours. It's been a play bike for the last 12 years. I think 1600 would buy it. Any advice on what these are worth? Any concerns with the 99' 321's? Thanks.
  9. wessels69p

    Auto Tune hook up question

    Nobody using Auto Tune???
  10. wessels69p

    Auto Tune hook up question

    Just picked up my auto tune for my 09' CRF450R. I was wondering where most of you are pulling the 12v power from. Any other tips, suggestions or things you have learned installing yours please share. I'll be tackling the install likely this Sunday night. Thanks for the help TT-ers. ~WW
  11. wessels69p

    2009 CRF450R Stock Valve Spring Specs

    I'm actually moving to custom springs. I was more curious to see what the stock honda settings are. If anyone has the k value that would be great.
  12. Does anyone have the springs specifications for the stock valves springs on the 2009 CRF450R? I'm looking for the rate (k value) preferrably of a new spring. I know they tend to wear out quickly. ~WW
  13. I'm doing a CR85/XR100 conversion project to make a good play bike. I'm a dirttracker so this bike will mostly be used for ice and dirttrack but I will still be play riding and jumping it. I figured a slightly lowered setup like supermoto would be perfect. Can anyone direct me to how much to lower the bike? I also need help selecting the right fork and shock springs for my weight (160 lbs. with riding gear) and some guidance on shim stack changes. I've never worked with CR85 suspension before. The CR85RB 2006 with all stock components. Thanks for the help. ~WW
  14. wessels69p

    Cant get air pumped out of rear shock

    Thanks, that helps a lot. I look forward to reading the Showa specific guide. The technique worked. I think I had a collection of small bubbles trapped in the fluid.
  15. I have an 04' CRF 450 rear shock that I just revalved. When I pump all the air out of the system in seems to work its way back in if I pump the piston all the way up (fully compressed). Then when I pull back there is an air gap (slack) before it catches and and then behaves normally. If I don't pump it all the way up it doesn't behave this way. Am I just not getting all the air out or should I not be pushing the piston all the way up when pumping the air out? Thanks,