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  1. On MXDOSE.com page you can watch all 5 episodes which were released to this date. http://mxdose.com/mxdose/mx-world-season-1/
  2. MX_Peter

    Beta 300 RR 2014

    Just sold my trusty Suzuki RM250 2007 and went to Extreme Enduro weapon Beta RR300. I like the switch as I get older
  3. MX_Peter

    Beta 300 RR (2014)


    Just sold my trusty Suzuki RM250 2007 and went to Extreme Enduro weapon Beta RR300. I like the switch as I get older
  4. MX_Peter

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    Wou Herlings was on fire...he will fo 1-1 easily if there is not a crash or malfunction on the list...Cairoli also Impressed me after the crash in Imola one week ago
  5. MX_Peter

    Show me your...BETA !

    My Beta was beaten to death and I made it unique...
  6. I'm running a stock carb Keihin PXK 36
  7. A few days ago I rode my Buddy's Beta RR300 2018 on a really slippery surface and just couldn't believe how smooth and powerfull his motor was at almost idle. You could just put it in second gear and took it of slowly with the clutch the rest you could control only with the throttle. Is there any mods to do to my engine to get even more low ground power. My power valve is set to 2 turns from seated. Should I put a thicker gasket underneath cylinder to decrease compression and to increase low end power, or it's the opposite. Any advice would be much appreciated. Best Regards, Peter
  8. MX_Peter

    15' 300RR vs 18' 300RR

    I think now it does look better with a 2018 rear end
  9. MX_Peter

    15' 300RR vs 18' 300RR

    Yes they just bolt up all you need is - 026380128 059 - Filter Box - 026430330 051 - Rear Fender - 026430210 051 - Airbox Panels (both sides) (or you change the pins in airbox with older ones) Here is the conversion I did some time ago... http://www.betarider.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2611&p=22307#p22307
  10. MX_Peter

    New 2017 Beta 300RR

    I'm looking the map switch and it says when connected to the frame (Switch ON) it gives softer map and when disconnected it gives a harder map. Now I'm a bit confused. Doesn't Betas RR300 come stock with softer map (If you don't have map switch like stock bike (the red/yellow wire is not connected to the frame)), while Betas RR250 has aggressive map (when red/yellow cable is not connected to the frame)?
  11. MX_Peter

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I first destroyed the whole back of my Beta RR300 2013 and then I fitted a new 2018 rear mudguard. After that I also fitted a custom made seat cover by T-Cover and now I think it looks allot better Before....totaly destroyed After with 2018 rear muffler Fitted T-Cover seatcover
  12. MX_Peter

    Tim Gajser is Back

    Yesterday Tim Gajser dominated at the MXGP of Argentinia and grabbed the red plate with two hands. He rides really smart, calm and committed. Jeffrey Herlings still not at where we all expected and Cairoli with two horrible starts, but still quick... http://mxdose.com/mxdose/gajser-jonass-dominant-in-argentina/ Highlights: http://mxdose.com/mxdose/mxgp-of-argentina-2017-highlights/
  13. MX_Peter

    HD Dayton Link

    Maybe the Full replay in HD will do... http://mxdose.com/mxdose/2017-ama-supercross-full-coverage-daytona/
  14. MX_Peter

    Tim Gajser Confirms MEC

    Gajser fell directly on already injured shoulder, he injured right before MXoN. Try to hit yourself on already injured body you will see it's not pleasant. Would just like to add one more thing for those who think Gajser just chicken out from MEC, and Dungey coming back from cracked vertebra.... Remember 2014 MXoN Open qualification race? Only few will know that Gajser finished 4th in that race with a cracked ribs beaten body and most of all two cracked vertebrae with his 18 years. Yes you read that right he had the simular injury than Dungey had.
  15. MX_Peter

    Tim Gajser Confirms MEC

    After two heavy crashes at SMX Cup Race Tim Gajser decided not to participate at this year MEC...to much pain, his dad Bogo said