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  1. philpcsnss

    racing, work, school and colitis question?

    I had UC when I was 19 it almost killed me because they could not believe that I had UC because I was so young . I am 42 I was taking a med called asulfadin , But I just tried to reduce my stress level and changed my diet . Don't give up getting the tube put up your behind sucks
  2. philpcsnss

    DMSO and aches and pains

    Dmso is really bad for you , my buddy had used it and it made his skin peel off if you are going to use a solvent then use WD40, If you have pain try something topical . there is a product that is marketed to the dirt bike industry
  3. philpcsnss

    Neck Roll VS. Leatt Brace

    I have been in the neck support game for a long time all I have seen from the leatt is there testing, there has never been any testing done by any out side source , if you want to do something to prevent a neck injury losen your helmet strap . So when you land on your face the strap dosen't break you neck , Think about it . Where does the hangman put his rope
  4. philpcsnss

    Leatt pulled our account... similar story.

    People should be patient you really think that 661 and astric aren't working on a brace . Dr Leatt is working on pure greed I say check DR leatts pass port ans send him back to South Africa