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  1. Here is a memorial poster I am sell on behalf of the Turner family. All proceeds are going to the N.E.A.T. Series "Rider Down" Fund You can purchase at My son and I rode with the Turners at the track every weekend. Top notch folks. Fosters older Brother is still riding, which is the way Foster would want it. God Speed, Fosty!
  2. it is in Valley, Al. Yes, near the GA & AL boarder.
  3. My son & I raced with the Turners. What a useless loss. There was NO reason for this to happen. And tomorrow my son and I will be traveling to Fosters funeral. 12 years old and now he is gone. My God bless his young sole.
  4. Real nice guy and he will be badly missed. Yeah, Godspeed Robert!
  5. Located in Albertville, Al
  6. Enjoyed that!!
  7. sorry, will do better next time...However you guys have given me some ideas. Its all good.
  8. Is this that near Bowling Green, KY?
  9. Folks, this is an old school MX tracK!!! Natrual elevation changes and long sweeping sandy turns! ON HUGE stepup! This track is on Sand Mountain and has some of the greatest, loamy, soil that exists!
  10. 372, CORRECT! That is West! He ran over his buddies bike. He ran over meat loaf.
  11. Those are SWEET shots! He is my attempt.
  12. He walked away from it. Sore, but walked away.
  13. Here is a slide show I put together with the sequence of shots...
  14. Yeah, agreed. They don't call me Scooter for no reason. I am old a slow...