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  1. Yamdog

    07 wr250 e-start removal for mx

    I bought a 2007 WR at the end of 2006 on planning on creating an electric start YZ. You cant tell my bike is a WR unless you check the registration or see the happy button. You are not going to save much weight by removing the electric start just remove everything else.
  2. Yamdog

    WR Tank on a YZF

    The WR tank and shrouds are different but the mounting position is the same. If you put a WR tank on a YZ you would have to use the WR shouds and you may want to change the petcock since it is different also.
  3. Yamdog

    What Year Yz forks fit ttr 125 le

    YZ 125 parts are to large for the TTR125 frame. The forks would make it a chopper. The TTR125 is the size of a YZ 85. Good luck with your project. Rob
  4. Last I heard on this site is that the TTR90 Key ignition plugs right into the harness that the power button uses. The TTR90 Key ignition may be the same on all TTR's so check with your Yamaha dealer.
  5. Yamdog

    Front # plate

    The answer is no. The triple clamp is different for the mounting of the number plate. The tank shrouds look the same but fit differently. The rear fender is different due to the coolent reservoir. the front fender will fit. I purchased a used yz triple clamp off of ebay for the front plate.
  6. Yamdog

    Stock '07 YZF450 Muffler

    I have one where are you located? I am in SOCAL. $125 including shipping. Add head pipe for an additional $35. Sorry its from a 2007WR
  7. Yamdog

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    No, most of the wieght is low so it feels like the stock tank.
  8. Yamdog

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Directly from FMF and Troy Lee Design one of the many pluses of living in Southern California.
  9. Yamdog

    2007 frame guards for a WR 450?

    I have www.lightspeed.com carbon fiber and they work great.
  10. Yamdog

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    It is a 3.2 IMS. Many people have said it goes up to 3.7 depening on the weather. You must use YZ shrouds with this tank.
  11. Yamdog

    Exhaust Pics WR450F

    Maxpower, Could you tell me how you made the numberplate fit? I took my light off and lined up a number plate and it looked like I had to move everything so I put the light back on.
  12. Yamdog

    Exhaust Pics WR450F

    FMF Speed and Power Bomb
  13. Yamdog

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Since this photo I have installed carbon fiber frame guards, chain guard, disk guard and caliper guard. Isn't she sexy.
  14. Yamdog


  15. Yamdog

    2007 WR450 Performance Mods

    Does anyone need a AIS cover plate for their 2007 WR? ebay has this cover plate for the Yamaha Roadstar 04-07. This is what they look like. I had to mill one of the holes about 1-2mm and it fits great. I do have one extra since they come with two. good luck. The extra plate has been SOLD.