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  1. mudwiz

    Shrouds to keep your XR Cool.

    That pdf is a good find. The XLV750 was the fore-runner of the Africa Twin/Transalp breed! They are rare over here too, and much sort after for "old" motorcycles. Love one for the London/Cape Town in 10 days bash!! .
  2. mudwiz

    I've just sold my XR650R.

    Rob, not being silly, but have you considered something much "softer"? A transalp or Africa Twin or similar could be right up your street. The transalp will rally quite well, and even complete (not compete though!) the odd easy enduro. As you know there's a good body of knowledge out on them too! Good desision though bud, at the end of the day maximum happiness for all is the key.
  3. mudwiz

    Picture of my pig!!!

    Far too clean for my liking!! Beautiful.......... Tax Disc is the "Road Fund Licence" evidence, needs annual purchase in the UK, and needs roadworthyness certificate (when over 3 years old - MOT in slang) and proof of insurance to get. HTHs.
  4. mudwiz

    The Great Tire debate........

    In the UK we don't seem to have access to the tyres you guys get! I've used a few, and although my racing is nothing on the racing you folks get, (again!!), my veiws are: TKC80 rear/some IRC front (original I think) - not good. Any slop had wobbles all over, and better road grip rear than front. It hurt....... Dunlop D908 RR, front and rear, lasted really well, some 6000 km of on/off stuff, but caused all sorts of wobbles over 65 on any surface, and the back gave no confidence on anything sloppier than fire roads. Actually, I hated them. Michelin AC10 rear with Metzler 6 days enduro front - short lived, 1000 mile rear tyre, but had "legal" tread left for longer. Front could last really well, I put a mostly worn one on and it didn't seem to wear during the 1600km it did. Now running Mich AC10 front and rear, wonderful in UK sand, mud but a little scary on wet roads. Think the front will last at least 2 rears! About to fit Pirreli MT21 to my "adventure" wheels, will comment when I've given them a good run, but the idea is they will be OK on the road, wear quite well and give enough grip for the UK rallies. Slightly off topic, but I had a set of Metzler Lasertecs on my spare wheels for some 4000km total, front still looks unworn, rear about half way through. Wonderful road grip, and suprisingly good at digging through a surface cover of muddy stuff to the rocks below, then gripping fantasticly! A little scary though, as the bike would sit still, then jump forwards on the back wheel! If this isn't the information the thread needs, please feel free to "moderate" this post!
  5. mudwiz

    Honda XR650R Stand Question

    we get the "uncorked" version as standard, has a lump more hp than the stock us version. recent thread has the r with about 44 at the rear wheel. but - has a whole heap of torque too.
  6. mudwiz

    Rear Pegs --- Passenger pegs for XR650R

    like these?? I can get these in the uk, here http://www.mwracing.net/XR_s/XR650_Accessories/chassis/chassis.html 135ukp + postage, so not cheap!
  7. mudwiz

    I've never ridden an XR650R!

    Gents, humour aside, does this sum up to my badass BRP having only 10% more hp than a DRZ400e ?? (BRP stated 44hp, DRZ stated 40 hp??) I'm stock, factory uncorked 650r, (ED model). btw, struggle to reach the magic 100, on 15/48 gearing, but have seen 98 by gps! Where can I buy the 100hp, 200lb e start BRP??
  8. mudwiz

    The most pointless thing on an XR650R.....

    Rob, I'm hoping to be up and aboutfor the Red Kite, although if the first 2 weeks are anything to go by this post-op stuff is going to take longer than i was wishing for! soon i hope. .
  9. mudwiz

    The most pointless thing on an XR650R.....

    Rob, you still on the 908rr tyres? I prefer my road tyres to those in snotty, wet treerooty stuff. You just can't get the pressure down enough - i used to run mine at 6 psi, and they still felt much too firm. AC10s mate, front and rear at 14 psi, down to 10 ish on the back for days like today, and 13/49 gearing. Love it!!
  10. mudwiz

    What did you do to your pig today?

    I was thinking that from the photos too. I'm going to have a fiddle at the weekend, need to increase the compression damping to, should lessen the rear end kick. That said, I just sit on the thing and try and stay upright! BTW, hooks up really well on wet, compressed sand, but digs big holes in the soft stuff!
  11. mudwiz

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Well, yesterday - Weston Beach Race: and finally Good day out. Fuller report : http://www.xrv.org.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=31251
  12. mudwiz

    650R stalls/won't run after fords???

    Brilliant folks, thanks. Hoses are below, and will be repositioned asap. Coil wires seem fine, but I'll keep an eye on it. .
  13. My 650R ran through a couple of fords today, about 20' long, and up to about 2' deep. Just on exiting it died. Would restart easy but would only run at tickover. This was for about 15 mins effort!! No tools so I layed the bike down and let the "normal" overflow drain the carb. After that the "flooded" restarting proc. worked, and it ran all OK. I returned through the fords, and exactly the same happened again. Is it possible/likely that 1 or other of the breather tubes is sucking water? What other cause could it have? I like water crossings, this will make me think twice unless I can get to the bottom of it. Thanks folks.
  14. Yep Rob, have fun. .
  15. mudwiz

    What is the longest trip on a XRR?

    This last long weekend covered some miles, Thurs eve 250, Fri day 550 (A roads, bumps and corners!) Sat 870 miles or so (23 hours trip time) Sun 330 miles. All good fun, and a heep raised for charidee. Only realy issue is my highway speed, limited by stretched oil changes (Fri post ride), and broke a chain twice. Next time a new one is on before, and don't bother to stick a new link in a knackered and broke once chain!! Ticked along at between 60-75, odd push higher at times. Good weekend out!