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  1. titan titanium u guys did know what i meant and i should try to change the title, and thx for the answers! is Honda the only one thats goes whit Ti valves stock? im from swe so my english isnt the best
  2. Hello Thumpers!! does some one have some nice answers to this? I just had my new OEM valves fixed by custom racing. And they could not understand why i have (Ti) valves into my CRF250 the guys in my garage, car racing garage, whit v8s 300hp to 1500hp and they could not understand the use of (Ti) ether, its not necessary only expensive and that good money for Honda they say and laught to me i told them that Honda probably have a good reason they use Ti valves, the reason i thinking is high RPM´s and light weight Now i hope i get some good answer that i can throw in those guys faces
  3. rO__e

    It LIVES!!! 2008 CRF250r rebuild complete!!!

    this is my 08 ;D same same
  4. rO__e

    Which exhaust for 07 CRF250?....

    ihave a dual white bros e2, but no head pipe to it so icant test my
  5. rO__e

    Aluminum Pro Dual exhaust, CRF250R

    thanx 4 the tips. think that should work but idont want to change it to mutch iwant the orginal pipe to fitt to. i found a new seeler for whitebros in sweden the take about 267 USD = 1800Svk, Swedish Kronor
  6. rO__e

    Aluminum Pro Dual exhaust, CRF250R

    ok. it colud be soo. im serching four a header pipe to the whitebros dual exhaust on googel but icant find it. my exhaust looks just like the dual carbon system, "ihave the aluminium system". any one thats have a web link were ican order one or maby some one that have one too sell. only the head pipe then. im from sweden so my english isnt the best Thnx // Roland. B
  7. Hi I recently bought a CRF250R-06 that came with a new WB Aluminum Pro dual Exhaust. When I try to mount the exhaust to the stock head pipe it seems like it does'nt fit? Is this the case, do I need a specific WB head pipe in order to mount the exhaust or is there pherhaps some kind of mounting kit available to mount the exhaust together with the stock head pipe? Please advise... Thank you and Best Regards Roland Bergkvist // Andreas Nylin Sweden