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  1. HDcruiser

    Funniest Enduro Crash Video

    I also noticed that there are 2 different numbers above the head light...
  2. Dont feel bad, i was racing a GP in Devore and just as they where ready to drop the flag, my bike fouled a plug with in 30 seconds to go. I have never kick started my bike so fast then i had some spectators try to push start me,,, no dice .... My friend ran back up to the pits and grab another spark plug. Once installed my bike fired right up, i was almost a full lap behind. I manage to pass about 3 other bikes and that was it... There was way to much ground for me to make and i started to make mistakes because i was riding over my head trying to catch up. I finished the race like in 17th place .... oh well, there my story...
  3. Thanks for the advice L-vie. I will look into that and see where he is located.
  4. Thats what i figured it would cost in parts, i guess if you break down the labor to 4-5 hours at 80. to a 100.00 dollars an hour it all works out.
  5. No i don't race, mostly long distance desert and forest rides. Both shops are telling me that if i dont do it soon the piston will come apart and then im looking at 3000.00 for the repair. I dont understand why a japanese bike is half the price to do a topend, its the same procedure, just a different brand.
  6. Hey guys, i tried to find a similar tread, no luck. I have a question and im hoping you can give me some insight.. I have a 07 525 exc with 7k on the motor and a 175 hours on it. I have had several leak down tests done and all come up with 4-5% leak down. My valves are allways checked/adjusted. Z Racing quoted me 8 to 15 hundred and 3 Bros said 1000.00 to do the top end. The bike runs fine, i have no power loss or smoke, im just trying to be preventive. My question... Why the heck does it cost so much money to do a top end. I have rebuild several small block chevy engines for the same price??? All i have been told by both dealers is the they replace the piston,rings, upper and lower gaskets, adjust the valves and valve cover gaskets... Thanks for reading my question.
  7. HDcruiser

    Did this guy even have a helmet on?

    That was some funny sh!t.........
  8. HDcruiser

    "Hold My Beer!"

    Nice,,,, i bet he feels like a ass......
  9. Cool thanks for the info from both of you, i will pull the baffle out this weekend. What do you think about running a twin air filter, that is, if there is one available..?? I look at the stock one and it looks kind of cheesy.....
  10. CRF150guy, have you done any mods to your bike? I just bought a 06 CRF150 for my girlfriend and i rode it to see how the power was and i was not impressed. Its perfect for her right now but with time she will grow out of the power it has to offer. What mods would you or any one else suggest?
  11. HDcruiser


    Wow... thats crazy, i wonder if the guys that got through are in the back of the line again......
  12. HDcruiser

    New rear tire for 2008 450 EXC-R

    I run a 120/100/18 on my 07 525 and dont have any issue's with hitting the exhaust... Johnnyaggro, do you ride up in the high desert alot? I live in Hesperia and usually ride up in Arrowhead by myself, due to the fact that my buddies can't peel themselves away from there wives for a day.. PM me if you want to ride..
  13. HDcruiser

    525 gearing

    I run a 13/45 on my 07 525. I cruise at 60 to 65 when i have to hit the highway. I didn't have to change the chain either.
  14. HDcruiser

    Diesel dirt bike

    Imagine adding a small turbo to it.... that bike would be sick, and get killer mpg..