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  1. moomba2002

    2006 crf250r

    I just got mine back from AS Racing and they did a great job and man what a difference it makes! You can actually start the bike on the first or second kick and it runs so much better. I would bite the bullet and have the head done and I did the Kibblewhite intakes.
  2. moomba2002

    crf 250r hard starting when cold

    I would suggest checking your valves as well. My 2006 was an absolute PIA to start and we adjusted the valves this weekend and what a diference. It will start on the 1st. or 2nd. kick. The exhaust valves were fine and on the intakes the right was tight. Good Luck.
  3. moomba2002

    Bike Will Not Start.....When Cold

    I had the same issue at Hollister this last weekend and ended up putting a propane heater next to it for awhile. I hope someone chimes in as I am interested in finding out what is wrong with mine as well.
  4. moomba2002

    2008 CRF150RB help

    Ditto to above
  5. moomba2002

    Stock Spring Weights

    Thank you I will take a look at those. I heard BBR is the place to go for the springs so I will check with them also.
  6. moomba2002

    My 150R Build

    That is going to be one trick bike I can't wait to see it completed.
  7. moomba2002

    Stock Spring Weights

    I was wondering what weight range the stock springs are set up for before I start buying new ones. Trying to get some more time out of the bike so I am putting bar risers on it and will probably do the pegs and need advice on the suspension and also where to purchase?
  8. moomba2002

    transmission oil change question

    The drain bolt is on the left side of the bike behind the shifter. The fill is on the opposite side on the case, looks like the oil dip stick. There is an inspection bolt to pull out and when filling the transmission, oil will come out of the hole when full. I use the Honda oil in the red bottle and works well.
  9. Hello, We have a 2007 150R and just this last trip we started noticing the carb would stay at a high idle for a moment or so before it would drop down to the normal idle. It makes the bike hard to ride as you come into a corner and it just wants to keep pulling. All vent tubes are clear and retun cable is fine so I am hoping someone here can shed some light. Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. moomba2002

    HELP crf150r Is this good for trails or is it to powerfull

    I also agree. My son came off of a KTM 65 and loves riding his 150. Smooth power and tons of it. You will enjoy it.
  11. moomba2002

    Need some opinions

    My son went from a KTM 65 to the 150R and within a week or so his riding improved dramaticaly. We do mostly trail riding and with the bike jetted correctly we do not have any problems. I think I might put a flywheel weight in it just to see if it helps at all. The nice thing is he will be on this bike for quite some time as he is 12 but small so I will just upgrade it to a big wheel and go some more. Hope this helps.
  12. moomba2002

    White brothers E2 pipe???

    I have the E2 on our bike with the White Brothers jet kit and it runs great. The only difference that I am not running the 140 main but the 130 and it seems to respond much better & I do not have the accelerator pump wired. I like the E2 because I can take out the spark arrestor if we are going to run tracks.
  13. moomba2002

    Carb Running Out Of Fuel

    Thanks for the replies. I have checked the vent cap and it operated fine, I have pulled the main jet out and everything there seems clean and gas will flow freely through the carb. So far everything I have thought of you have as well, I guess I will need to go deeper into the carb to find this one, but keep the suggestions coming. Thanks
  14. moomba2002

    Carb Running Out Of Fuel

    On our last trip out my sons bike did an odd thing. When you run around at 1/2 throttle it is fine but once you get into 5th. gear and open it up it starves for fuel and then will quit running. The bike has been jetted etc. and has been running flawlessy so this is a new one for me. Any help would be appreciated.