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  1. CReffex

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Took my tank wings off today (I killed one last week in a crash..) Cut the front fender... Really like how it turned out... New set of Michelin T63's are on the way.. got the best out of the Duros...
  2. those are duro medians front and rear... theres been a ton of discussion on them on advider and this board.. they do awesome on the road, shred the gravel, and hook great on dry-moist dirt... mud... you can forget it... and some had have a problem with the lugs chunking.. but mine are still in great shape. seem to be getting about 5k miles out of the rear and 7k out of a front... amd best part of all... they're dirt cheap! i run 606's in the winter or when i ride the motox track and cont. tkc 80's in summer when i kno i'm going to be on a long 50/50 ride...
  3. CReffex

    2nd gear power wheelies?

    yea.. its possible on mildly modded bike.. but.. has to do alot with experience, throttle responce, and loading of suspension... try standing up, snapping throttle hard from mid revs, and pull the bars to ur chest...
  4. little sunset cruise...
  5. I've thought my valves probably needed adjusting.. Ill def give it a try...
  6. Thanks for the reply.. I'll give it a try..
  7. Hey guys.. I know there are a ton of questions and answers out there, but heres a few specific to my situation that may apply to others... Im running an '06 crf 50 w the tb kit and race head. hotter plug, tb cdi, and hd clutch kit, high flow oil pump. fmf pipe The bike absolutely rips, but it takes a long time to warm up, and absolutely runs horrible until it does.. Is this normal?? maybe like 10 mins then runs out fine, but it also takes a while to get it to start. After it reached operating temp it idles and starts like a stocker.. Question 2. Still has a slight off idle bog. idle to full throttle in neutral it will die. Is this just the nature of the beast??? no bog while riding, just an off idle issue while revving.. factory sheng whey jetting at 500 ft. and... where can i get a replacement spark plug boot?? mines been cracked for a while now... Thanks a ton guys!!!
  8. CReffex

    bent front forks

    bend them back... Stockers are just gonna bend again anyway...
  9. CReffex

    Just picked up Takegawa 88cc kit

    Little off topic, but im running the tb kit w head. exhaust, hot plug, etc.. Anyway... Im running the stock gearing and it seems a little low. what combination can i jump up to and not lose too much power?? maybe make he gears more usable.. We ride dirt and hillclimb mostly... thanks guys..
  10. CReffex

    CRF 50 engine upgrade

    thats the kit w/o the head.... imo the head is where its at.. its like doubling the big bore kit... it will run you 349 off that website..
  11. I hope it's not 2 feet down... I'm only 5'7 and on the 650L I can't touch but one at a time...
  12. Sorry about the delay in reply guys... We've been on a week anventure in the Mt. Cheha area... But our dates are not set in stone.. Planning on late June, or the first week in July as well.... Got the TKC 80's on the Way... As far as the return trip, we were thinking of riding till we were ready to load them up, and do the U-Haul deal.. Hear the back of the truck makes a great hotel room... But it would be awesome to meet up and go for it.. The Alabamians and whoever else is in for the entire ride, or anyone else who wants to meet up for some portions..
  13. Got mine from service honda.. Cheap, fast delivery because they come in an envelope... And i'd start w/ a 158 main and the short 55 pilot...
  14. Just be careful bypassing the clutch safety.... Had a friend crash on a huge hill in the Hatfield-McCoys on his L, Crushed Throttle tube so it hung open, accidentally hit the ebutton turning the bike around... Ghost ride all the way down till impact w/ said Tree:bonk:
  15. CReffex

    1995 Xr650L exhaust help!

    haha.. Nothing like shifting to 5th in a wheelie and hearing the state patrol siren pulling up beside you....