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  1. 02YZFkid

    just a little track for fun

    That looks awesome! I wish I had something like that at my house. How did you build it?
  2. 02YZFkid

    PMB Quiet insert

    Hey Guys, I recently bought an 06 exhaust system for my 07 450 (I ruined the stock system when I dumped it on rocks) and it came with the PMB end cap. Pretty soon I'll be riding in some areas that are conscious of sound levels. I want to buy the quiet insert for it but I want to know what I can expect. How does it look? Does anyone have pics of it? Is there a big difference between the 2 options they have? One claims 3-5 DB decrease and the other a 4-6 DB decrease, its safe to assume the quieter one will restrict more power right? How much power loss can I expect from either one? Thanks for the help guys! -Rob
  3. 02YZFkid

    Black engine cases that will last!

    I dont think its too bad. I know the clutch cover doesnt radiate much heat anyway. I dont know much about the other 2. I did feel them after a quick ride and I can say that they didnt feel that hot. The bike didnt seem to be running any hotter then normal either.
  4. 02YZFkid

    Black engine cases that will last!

    The line-x is really pretty thin so it doesnt effect the feel of the brakes or anything with the boots. I actually just took it for a quick spin around my house with work boots on, not motocross boots and I couldnt feel the difference at all. Its only a little thicker then a quarter. As far as weight the parts were noticably heavier then before i brought them in... but whats a couple ounces added to the bottom of your engine. I guarantee no one will feel it. This mod is 100% for looks though, no doubt about that. There was no other need to have it done other then the fact that my engine cases will look brand new for years now, and I love the way the black cases looked on the 08's.
  5. 02YZFkid

    Black engine cases that will last!

    It was $40 to have everything done. At first the guy told me that he would need to prime the covers and all that garbage... never even told me that he didn't, but he definitely did not. Thats OK though, this stuff is very durable and it didnt need primer. It was a very tight fit between the clutch cover and the oil filter cover as well, I had to trim them both to fit. I would suggest just buying the oil filter cover from a 2008 model if I was going to do it again. I also spent a long time with a box cutter cleaning up around the timing plugs and removing the line-x that was sprayed over taped areas etc. This stuff is so tough that once it dried on the tape it there was almost no use for the tape in the first place. Took me a long time, but it was well worth it. I also had to take a very sharp drill bit and drill out the holes for the bolts. That was quick and easy to do though. Thanks for the compliments guys! Keep the feedback coming. -Rob
  6. hey guys, I brought this up in the forums a couple weeks ago and its finally done and put back together. I had my clutch cover, stator cover, and oil filter cover covered in Line-x (the truck bed liner) and it came out awesome! I also got a few other mods to go along with the new cases. I have works connection timing plugs, and a Hammerhead case saver. I also painted the exhaust gaurd on the header black. Last time I went out riding I crushed the head pipe on the bike, so I had to buy a new exhaust system as well. This is the system off a 2006 with anodized end cap that I polished the hell out of before I put it on. The bike is slightly louder compared to my stock 2007 system, I think its because of the larger opening of the new cap. So What do you guys think of everything? -Rob
  7. 02YZFkid

    Dented head pipe... What to do?

    Hey guys I bought the pipe off an 06 model and threw it on there today. I havent had a chance to ride it yet so i dont know anything about the power differences, but the pipe itself is pretty different. The can is the same, but the header seems much smaller where as on the 07 is gets fatter halfway down the pipe. I wonder why they changed it. I'll post pics soon
  8. 02YZFkid

    2009 YZ450F Info June 6th

    The new SE looks killer!
  9. 02YZFkid

    Dented head pipe... What to do?

    If I were to swap to an 06 exhaust on my 2007 would there be a difference in power? Would the bike be louder? What if it has an aftermarket end cap on it? How about jetting? Does the 07 need to be rejetted to run the stock 06 system with an aftermarket end cap on it? Thanks for all the help guys! BTW I'm in the middle of trying to freeze the dent out. It was really crushed bad and this is a slow process. I'm not even sure if some of it will come out... although there is a noticable difference so far! -Rob
  10. 02YZFkid

    OEM pipe review for 2008 YZ450F:

    Did you have to change jetting for any of those pipe swaps? If the 08 system is that bad I would think you did. How do the 06 and 07 stystems compare as far as compatability? Do you think the parts are interchangable? -Rob
  11. 02YZFkid

    Dented head pipe... What to do?

    The freezing idea seems pretty good. My pipe was almost pinched though, its pretty bad. I dont think the freezing would work. I'll still give it a shot. Do you have to plug the ends of the pipe with anything? How much water should I fill it with? Thanks for all the info guys! -Rob
  12. Hey guys, I took a digger this weekend in a trail that was all rocks and smashed in my head pipe. I dont think there is any fixing this one... i need a new one. What do you think I should do? I think I have a few options. A. Try to find one someone is willing to sell... B. Buy a whole new aftermarket exhaust C. Buy somthin like the FMF Mega Bomb and use that with the stock can. So which would you go for if it were your bike? How does the mega bomb work with the stock muffler? How will the exhust from an 06 work on my bike? By the way its an 07... -Rob
  13. That thing looks killer! Did you drop a lot of dough on powder coating?
  14. 02YZFkid

    Dr. D durablilty?

    Will the Ti system hold up well enough for me to consider it as a recreational rider? How does it compare to the durability of the stock unit? Is it the can i have to worry about or the header pipe? I would hate to get in a crash and have my new exhaust crumble like a piece of tin foil. thanks for the info guys, keep it coming! -Rob
  15. 02YZFkid

    Dr. D durablilty?

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you have had great success on the newer YZ's with a Dr. D exhaust system, i just have a few basic questions about them. I really like the idea of the TI system since I hear carbon doesnt make sense for a recreational rider (re packing much more often, and they dont hold up). How about the TI system??? Are they as reliable as the amuminum system is? I thought i read somewhere that they are liable to crack sometimes. Will the TI system hold up to crashes as well as the aluminum/stainless kit will? I also read about some fitment issues on this site. Has anyone had any issues with the pipe fitting crooked? thanks for all the help! -Rob