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  1. Paul White

    imperial dunes

    new job imperial dunes need info???
  2. Paul White

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Concession owner/ manager on a lake in Napa CA, Live on the water play in the dirt
  3. Paul White

    Prairie City Grand Prix!

    how tough is the over 40 c class
  4. Paul White

    stonyford=whats up with that?

    rode on sunday ice snow all over but lot of riders more then I have ever seen,lot of bikes stuck on the hills crazy slick, Dosent get much better
  5. Paul White

    11/18 Bearfoot Family Enduro

    Anyone know who was taking pics and how to contact them??
  6. Paul White

    Loose rear sprocket!?

    Same thing happened on 06 tc450 , bolt went 1/4 inch into swingarm 100 bucks to a local welder to fill the divit still holding 120 hrs later, Husky would not sell new swingarm without the linkage $950.00
  7. Paul White

    06 tc 450

    Bolt on my rear brake petal is killing my case, tried bending it out but it keeps going back, is it just me or what.
  8. Paul White

    CA Husky noise testing

    stopped in knoxvlle 11/30/06 rgey can't test a husky because it isn't in there book.