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    450 EXC compared to a CRF 450x?

    Yes, although they are different. The 450x will have more punch down low, turns more aggressively and suspension that still stems from the ability to deal with big moto jumps. The EXC delivers power more evenly over the range, is more planted and has a plusher suspension. Really comes down to the type of riding you plan on doing - and good luck getting the 450x plated in Cali. Which is why I'm now riding the '08 EXC... Cut the exahust snorkle, smogectomy, pull the tubes out of the overflow canister, JD jetting, 14/48 sprockets = Anyone want to buy a 1 year old X bike...
  2. Who Me

    08' KTM XCF-W or 08' CRF250X

    Only if you mean they decide to ban "red sticker" bikes altogether, which wouldn't surprise me in the least...
  3. Who Me

    Price Increase on 08's???

    I'd love to know what dealer that is. If he took a deposit for a purchase at a given price, I'm fairly certain that legally he has to stick to that deal unless he's got something in your contract that says otherwise. I got my '08 450 OTD for ~$9400, which included some of the work to turn it back in to a more dirt-able bike. Cost me about another $1k in parts/labor to get it set up with misc parts (sprockets, jetting, skid plate, hand guards, stabilizer, etc). Assuming that its not one of these two, I've had good luck with Z Racing (Anaheim) and 3 Bros (Costa Mesa & Murrieta). Maybe check if they have any in stock? Don't give up...they're expensive but if you really want a plated 450/530 for desert use around so Cal, these bikes are great.
  4. I just went to 3Bros in Costa Mesa for the first time last week. They had everything I needed in stock (JD Kit, Scotts stabilizer, KTM/Cycra Probends, 48t rear). I dropped the bike off on Monday afternoon - begging and pleading that they could put everything on before Thanksgiving as I had no time - and they had it back to me by Wednesday, mid-day, with no issues at all. Total labor for the installs listed above = ~$200. All of the part pricing, including a bunch of gear I picked up, was within ~$2 of internet pricing - I've never seen that kind of pricing at a dealership before. Good service, good prices, helpful people and they stock what I need... Works for me!
  5. I've yet to see a 08 450 EXC for less than $9k OTD...if you know where to get it for less, let me know!
  6. Looks like they're trying to compete with the 163hp naked BMW K1200R.
  7. Who Me

    show your rear

    No, the obvious choice is to get rid of those bulbous, eye-ball looking lights and go with something small and sleek looking, worthy of an SM!
  8. Who Me

    Not that I would want one but...

    You could always make your own, right? I mean, if you think this is important to your safety but not worth $100 bucks. That's why I just wear shorts when riding but wrap my legs in duct tape.
  9. Who Me

    What is it about the DRZ?

    That's exactly it. The amount of thought I have to put in the DRZSM is "I feel like riding", which is the same thought that got me hooked on bikes as a kid when my neight bought an XL. I put on my gear, put on my smile and go. Caveat: I do occasionaly have to think about fueling since it never occurs to me to check the odo. Glad I found this thread. I keep wondering if another SM would be "better", although I know that's just the new-bike devil talking in my ear. I believe this is the first thread that has SAVED me money.
  10. Funny that this came back to life today. I had the SM out yesterday on some 4x4 trails and was banging the crap out of it in mud, water and rocks...not to mention the front tire being in the air half the time between home and trail, popping off curbs, and other general hooliganism. I was about half way home and realized that I was literally grinning inside my mud-covered street helmet and thinking I've never owned any another vehicle with such a high smiles-to-miles ratio. Considering that there are currently 7 vehicles in my garage and driveway including multiple motorcycles, truck, car, RV and boat - let alone past pleasures - I still find that a stunning statement. Even more so when I think about that the DR is the least expensive vehicle I currently own when looking at any OR all of the purchase price, mods, minimal maintenance, insurance and fuel. Go ride. I have to go give my DR a hug now.
  11. Who Me

    Brush Gaurd & Levers

    Go with the guards. Looks better and stoping one rock coming up and hitting you in the hands is worth it. Not to mention that unless your levers are exactly in line with the bars you'll likely still end up bending or breaking something. I have guards from Moose on the SM, which were put on prior to the next part of this post - Had Acerbis on my CRF; bent them on the first "down" and they got worse from there. I put Cycras on...then managed to drop the bike off the back of a moving pickup truck the same day (don't ask, but always check the tie down job by the shop if they offer to do it ). Not only did the Cycra's barely take any costmetic damage from skidding accross pavement, they didn't bend at all. Guess which I'll be using from here on out?
  12. Who Me

    DRZ goes just about everywhere...

    We had our first decent rain last night here in "coastal" southern Cal. Since there's no real offroad areas within a decent range from my house, I debated (for at least 30 seconds) taking the SM up along a 4x4 mountain road with lots of rocks, water and mud rather than hauling the CRF some ungodly distance for a 2 hour ride. Finally figured "better not" as I haven't really tested the Distanza's offroad other than in dry conditions... ...so 30 minutes later I'm on the trail. I was amazed at how well these tires hooked up and didnt slop around considering the conditions. Granted, I was more cautious than on the CRF but I would have no second thoughts about taking the DRZ out on similiar trails again (the bigger issue is chancing a flat or screwing up tires/rims by smacking around on those rocks). Highly recommened those tires!
  13. Who Me

    What should I DOOOOOOOOO

    Or buy an EXC 450, which IS street legal - or at least platable before you tear off all the street legal stuffs. November cannot come fast enough!
  14. Who Me

    530 EXC R shipments

    Z Racing (which is now in Orange) does not have '08 EXCs in stock. I know this because, if they did, there would also be one in my garage. I've checked with numerous so Cal dealers and all are saying November - but better get your deposit in now if you really want one then.
  15. If I ever reach top speed on a 450 or 525, offroad, it will probably because of gravity...