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    CBR Rims on an DRZ400S

    CBR F2 wheels & Galfer DF022W Front Rotor. It took some digging to find that rotor, but I had a little help from a Galfer rep I met at Miller Motorsports Park last spring. Honda used the same bolt pattern for these discs on quite a few models, so it was just a matter of finding the 'big' one - then fabbing up the bracket to make it work.
  2. SliderR1

    CBR Rims on an DRZ400S

    I've got an R1 caliper and a 320 rotor on mine Still need to paint the bracket, though...
  3. reviving an old thread here - did anyone ever get this to work or create a custom set of triple clamp mounts? I've got the BigDR risers and would like to install the Cycra's with the triple clamp mounts.
  4. SliderR1

    Sisneros Speed Works now in the graphics/decal business!

    I'd like to have a '440 SM' sticker on the rear panels, with the stock font. I can draw it up in a vector style format if someone can post a close-up of theirs with some dimensions.
  5. First a little bit of background information. I've got a 2000 E model I am converting over to an SM. I am using F2 wheels. The bike is at my machinist and he tells me the front is on no problem, but the rear is going to be tight. Right now the rear has a BT016 150/60-17. According to the Bridgestone site, the tire is actually 160mm maximum width, which is confirmed by my machinist. He says he can make it fit by offsetting to the right, but he estimates clearance to chain/tire and tire/swingarm (so both sides) will only be 1/16" (1.6mm)? I will be going by the shop tonight to check on it, but it seems strange that other folks, albeit with later model SMs, are running 160/60s (which Bridgestone lists as 165mm maximum width) and not having rubbing issues. If someone that is running a 160 series (especially a BT016!)could measure the actual distances from chain to tire and tire to right side swingarm, I'd really appreciate it. I've read on TT, that it is recommended to have around 13mm clearance between the tire and chain. I'd be interested to also know what the recommended clearance is for the tire/swingarm clearance on the opposite side? Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. I have a converted 'E' model, but from what I read on other posts on TT, I thought the swingarm inside widths were the same? I thought the differences were just the axle adjusters...
  7. What is the width of that tire mounted from edge to edge? That thing has got to be close to the chain and swingarm. I just barely (less than 2mm on each side) get a BT016 150/60 to fit on mine, and it measures about 160mm from edge to edge mounted.
  8. I had to fill out an application for certificate of ownership. You can find it on TN's website. It requires a lot documentation, bill of sale, notarizations, etc..
  9. SliderR1

    1993 Cbr 600f2 Hooligan Wheels Done!

    Aaron - I'm also in the process of fitting some F2 wheels to my DRZ. Just really getting started, though. I bought a cush drive from a VF500, it fits the F2 wheel perfectly, and I think the rear wheel will not need machining, just the cush drive to make it work. I removed the bearing and seal from the cush drive and most of the material that surrounded the bearing will need removed as well, probably around half an inch or so - I haven't started taking detailed measurements yet. The only issue with using the VF500 cush is that 520 sprockets for it are hard to come by. Luckily, I think the CBR600F Hurricane uses the same sprocket, and Vortex and Sprocket Specialist have a 520 sprocket for that bike, they're pretty proud of them, though...
  10. I just got my 2000 titled. I didn't have the MSO or an existing title. I had to do a lot of paperwork and research through the state and the previous owner. If the MSO says off-road only, I think its going to be difficult. I talked to some lady in Nashville with the state and she informed me that if the MSO says off-road only, or the title code isn't TL (trail bike) or MC (motorcycle) you can't get it changed. I'm sure there is some way of doing it, but I guess I lucked out since I didn't have either the title or MSO and went through an alternate process, which was really a pain, but at least I have a title now...
  11. SliderR1

    Inexpensive headlight

    Rock Monster - got any pictures of how you mounted and wired those up?