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  1. fizzle

    Mostly street tires

    i don't know about those tires, mostly because i'm poor - but i just bought a kenda 761 - which is pretty streety - and i'm pretty excited about it - i haven't put it on yet but it looks great - its a 90/90 21 its for my dr350 - but i think its the stock size for the dr650. good luck with your search - i'd love to hear about the best tire.
  2. fizzle

    winter project

    i'd love to hear about how you made the trottle body - and what you got rid of. i'm really excited about this - and can't stop reading the megamanual stuff - when really i should be studying for finals and then the bar exam.
  3. fizzle

    winter project

    howdy, i've been following the thread from the begining. - and i've loved every step - I actually got rid of my stupid ninja and bought a dr350, because of the hassle of tuning four carbs - i can handle one - and still can't afford a new bike, or a 2001 with fuel injection. but yeah - i've been hoping that you'd sell a kit - and also i was curious of how you'd think this would work on a kickstart model? Is it like a car - does the fuel pump start before you push the start button, when you turn the key on? and would you say that it starts much easier with the fuel injection? you've broke new ground - and i think your a genious - great work - bringing fuel injection at a reasonable price. ajk
  4. fizzle

    Help, need DR350S seat cover!

    ceet would be more durable? has yours already ripped? i just want a black seat cover, but this is the first place i've seen that does it. but if they suck its not worth the money.
  5. fizzle

    body work upgrade for my old DR350

    thats very nice, but i'm going to be spending 50 bucks on a light - do i really want to spend another 50 bucks on a new fender - not really - i'd also have to buy new lights - sounds like a hassle. it looks really nice - but too rich for my blood. has anyone tried any aftermarket lights that work with a stock fender? also thanks for the link - very nice.
  6. fizzle

    body work upgrade for my old DR350

    BC - did you ever end up upgrading? i'm thinking of doing the same thing and would love to see some pictures.
  7. fizzle

    Where to buy a smaller tail light

    thats a real nice tail light - an acerbis right - but thats the mx fender from kientech, or jessie right - i've got the stock one - and i don't think that light would work on it, would it? on that rear fender does it use the same or stock fender brace? thanks for the picture -
  8. fizzle

    Where to buy a smaller tail light

    boy is my face red - i just got my drz250 tail light in the mail - i thought it was going to be like the acerbis one - flat on the bottom - there is no way i'm going to get this to work on my dr350. does anyone have any suggestions for nice good looking lights for 350's? thanks for your time.
  9. fizzle

    Where to buy a smaller tail light

    thats a really nice light, how could i find out if it fits a dr350? does anyone know if the drz400 and dr350 fenders are the same?
  10. fizzle

    Where to buy a smaller tail light

    do you think this light will fit on a dr350? the rear fenders kind of look the same? has anyone done it? the stock taillight is awful. thanks for your time
  11. fizzle

    gonna be in biloxi - any rental places

    i really appreciate your search. i called the hotel, and they were no help. - yeah i only have sunday free - i'm actually going there with the student hurricane network http://www.freewebs.com/wneclawshn/ hoping that i can help, but limited by a one week vacation. but yeah - thanks again for your search - you beat the effort the hotel people gave me - 10 fold. stay safe
  12. fizzle

    gonna be in biloxi - any rental places

    i'd love a dual sport - but i'd take anything - just to see what its like to ride in the south with strait highways. i wish i could find a place online - don't want to pack a helmet and jacket if its just going to take up space.
  13. howdy, i'm going to be in biloxi mississippi in a few weeks and i was wondering if there was any where for me to rent a bike for the week or a day or anything. alright thanks for your time:excuseme:
  14. fizzle

    Skid Plate??

    howdy, i just ordered a skid plate from happy-trail.com - they look better than the utah sport cycle ones - but if you want a utach sport cycle one, you can go to the happy trail site and see that the price is lower, and then call up the utah place and tell them about how happy-trail is cheaper and they will adjust their price - never the less - i still chose the happy trail one - it seems like it covers more up in front of the engine - maybe even more under also? don't know - haven't got it yet - its on back order. alright stay safe fizzle
  15. fizzle

    Best Upgrades Under $50

    a front fender from acerbis from a 1998 yz125 - i got a black one i think it was 25 bucks