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  1. Honda

    I agree... Since I've been riding the thought of a Motion Pro hasn't crossed my mind.
  2. Honda

    I'm looking for a good EZ Pull clutch lever. Could someone give me a few names and prices. I have an 05 400ex
  3. Honda

    Which is better a stage 1 or Stage 2 hotcam?
  4. Honda

    Thanks! This was a big help.
  5. Honda

    I have an 05 400ex. Looking to add more power. I have the K and N Filter with a HMF exhaust. I'm 6'1 265 I need more power. Should I get the 440 or the 426 with a stage 1 hotcam? Need help asap.
  6. Where can I find some "good" number plates for my '05 400ex?
  7. Honda

    Where can I find some "good" decals/stickers? I have an '05 400ex.
  8. Honda

    I'll give you $5 for it shipped
  9. Honda

    Seen it but how much are u asking?
  10. Honda

    Does anyone have any atv/quad/motocross dvds they want to sell. Here are a few that I'm looking for: Huevos 7 and 9, Carpe Diem 3, THE KANGAROO KID, BOMB SQUAD,FALLOUT 1 and 2,Beating The Odds. If you have any of these movies original or backup copies. Let me know.
  11. Honda

    It's a throttle. Instead of the thumb throttle, it's like a dirt bike throttle.
  12. I just bought an '05 TRX400EX. I was wondering, is the Motion Pro a good buy for a beginner? Give me the Pros and Cons.
  13. Honda

    Will the graphics for the 2005 450r work for an '05 400ex since the body styles are identical?
  14. Where can I find some "nice" graphics for my 2005 400ex? Ebay? Online? Need help ASAP!!!
  15. Honda

    Thanks for all the responses. I'm gunning for the 400ex. Now I just got to find one at the right price. If anyone has an '05 or '06 (Red) living in the West Virgina to Pittsburgh, PA area, let me know. Looking to spend up to $3000.