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  1. g-moto

    183 lb XR200

    125 lb .125cc shoe horn that 218 stroker in there
  2. g-moto

    400 exc supermoto

    14 -44 gearing is way too tall it will kill your acceleration 14 -50 is good for over 90 mph
  3. Are the mains and pilots the same kind from a 96 xr to an 05 crf cause I have plenty of sizes, and am about to re-jet a friends crf After it;s uncorked and jetted I'll se if it can run with my powroll piston and cammed xr 200, I;ll do some side by side acceleration tests . Higher compresion , lumpy cam vs. more c.c. but low comp. who will win ? stay tuned..
  4. g-moto

    xr 80 eratic idle

    I removed the pilot and soaked it in carb cleaner then took a single strand of copper wire an reamed each hole many times then let all the jets soak over night in cleaner ,i evan submerged the entire carb body removed the float valve ,cleaned then re assembled I'm thinking the float is getting hung up or somthin
  5. g-moto

    xr 80 eratic idle

    have a 95 xr 80 thats been sitting for a few years , cleaned the carb ,new air filter, spark plug, and cleaned petcock and gas tank she fired right up . But it wont hold a steady idle it races then dies or somtimes wont idle at all, but seams to run ok otherwise, maybe float level or venting issues????? any help please . thanks GR
  6. g-moto

    Tell me about the 400EXC

    great bike I have an 06. but this is a full on dirt bike not meant for any extensive street riding , maybe efew miles here and there to connect trails , 2000-2004 go for around 2500-2800, 2005-07 3000-3600 $ so your monster may be worth more depending on the year
  7. it really depends what needle your using, Jd reccomends stock pilot with his needles , stock needle seems to like richer pilot
  8. replace worthless pin with large diam. bolt and wing nut problem solved unscrew wing nut no tools 5 seconds, skid plate has not come off in two years
  9. g-moto

    Feel cramped on my xr 200

    tusk makes universal bar risers for like $24 , they can raise the bars up to 1 1/2" along with cr high bend bars it;s still a little cramped but way better than stock, I'm 6ft. tall .
  10. g-moto

    XR200R Fork help....my mess

    all you need are the longer damper rods from the early forks, everthing else is the same ,I got crappy cond. 87's pulled out the rods threw them in my frshly rebuilt short 96's with progressive springs and emulators this is a pretty good set up
  11. g-moto

    fmf Q stealth on 02 200

    was wondering if anyone tried to fit stealth silencer on older 200's they only list back to 03 sx in their specs I have on 02 exc cant be that diff...........right ?
  12. g-moto

    3 full sized bikes in a short bed

    It's easier if you back the center bike in rear wheel first ,more room that way, for the handle bars ect.I've evan hauled 3 4cyl sportbikes (much wider),that way in my short bed f150.
  13. g-moto

    my 09 ktm 450 xc

    Yep little boys do like stickers , when you get older you;ll appreciate cleaner styled machines
  14. g-moto

    NETRA Hare Scramble - Alton,NH July 26th

    yes you can do all the signup and transponder on day of race,get there early. Races are generally rough and rocky NH event in particular.c-class races usually 28-36 mi. good luck
  15. g-moto

    poweroll xr 200 parts

    I have powroll 10.5 piston and torque cam in "un-stroked " motor , ported head, this thing ripps pulls hard from ultra low revs , my son raced it in jr enduros for 2 seasons, a new st of rings and valve guides was all it needed after all the abuse .Powroll rocks , xr200 rocks