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  1. flynride525

    XR650r Shock

    Whats up boys...Baja trip to Richards would be sweet. First week in February???
  2. flynride525

    Friends of Stoddard Valley Meeting tonight

    Wish I could be there Mike!!!
  3. flynride525

    Baja Racer X

    dude on the green bike needs to turn up his stabilizer!!!!!
  4. flynride525

    Avoid Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza!

    welcome to the wonderful world of vehicle sales!!!!
  5. flynride525

    4 casas

    do you pay Richard?
  6. flynride525

    Ocotillo Wells SVRA needs your help!

    I heard there was a fatal accident in owsvra this weekend. Any details??? Bryan, are you going to this???
  7. flynride525


    Did someone say gas bombs????? I'll be there.
  8. flynride525

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    After coming back and reading all this...I just have to laugh. I have never seen a dirtbike product polarize so many people. I still have seen no scientific evidence to support or deny this brace. That is why I say that the brace is overhyped and a wonderful job of marketing. Where is the evidence to support this product??? Where is it????? Don't tell me about your magnificent crash and how the brace saved your life. How do you know??? All you know is that Leatt came up with a brilliant marketing strategy and they introduced the product at a great time. Show me the ANSI cert or the NIST cert or some type of agency that will stand behind this product. Until you can.....Its all hype.....
  9. flynride525

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    I'm right here big boy....
  10. flynride525

    Just a Little Kidnapping Info...

    My friend who has a friend who has a friends says that I should not hang out in TJ. He says that it is dirty and smelly. :eek: To everyone who is reading this....... Stop posting uncorroborated rumors. If you are not an eyewitness to an actual kidnapping or theft, you are part of the problem.
  11. flynride525

    outlet center drive in Barstow.

    so Walt....you'll go riding instead of watching the superbowl but you want to stay home to watch a bunch of rednecks turn left all day??? I don't get it????
  12. flynride525

    Devils hole open?

    even if it were open there is no way you could pass through. I'm sure the water is ragin right now. It would be cool gto see it though. Please post the results if you do go.
  13. flynride525

    So Cal TT Weekend?

    yeah I saw that you had quite the journey to Jawbone. Ossi, I know a great therapist....you should seek help. I will guarantee you that if you go to this deal, I will be there to hand you a cold beer when you pull into camp. Chad...start a new thread and lets get a head count and a firm date.
  14. flynride525

    stoddard or copper city?

    Stoddard is not crowded like gorman.
  15. flynride525

    So Cal TT Weekend?

    Well I'd be in for scouting the 16th. Let me know if it materializes. Jawbone is far from me but hey, it'll be fun. I gotta tell you though, I think I am a low desert guy. We just rode Oco and had a blast. They built a new restaurant over by the Salton Sea and it is really cool. Cheap prices and pretty good food. The inly problem was the kook riding a cr500 that was doing wheelies in the parking lot. I guess some people just don't get it. Anyways, we should ride somewhere.....Chad, I know you are a high desert guy but would you be interested in a low desert TT gathering? Maybe we could get the grand pubaa himself to come. BB that is..........out