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  1. KLRBach

    Sisneros Speed Works products!

    Hi Eddie My (your) 440 BB motor in my '00 plated E ran great at the Adv WMRS run last weekend. So now the next step is address the suspension and the ergonomics. Are you doing any suspension work/products? I have to pull the front and rear suspension apart and put all new bushings,bearings,chains,sprockets etc in to replace my broken/worn out parts. For ergonomics, I have to do something to get the bars up since I'm 6'7" and 280lbs. I recently added the offset DR Rizers and that helps alot but I need to do something about taller bars. Can you recommend a taller bar? Will your throttle kit work with rizers and a taller bar? So my wishlist for parts from Eddie. Cap Coil New throttle/cable that will work with taller bars/risers Turkey baster coolent recovery system. plus... a fastener replacement kit... for all the common sizes of fasteners bearing replacement kits chains sprockets oil/air filters... and associated crush washers and a list of services you offer... such as engine rebuilding suspension services if any etc. now that you are in your new location. HTH Randy from Burbank
  2. KLRBach

    DRZ Parts Forever

    We have to get Eddie one of these machines so he can keep our DRZs running forever. http://widgets.nbc.com/o/47f1317f105123ad/498ebd00a62edaa0/47fe70d4555df05a/9e46bd46/-cpid/ba4377d3bfd6c81
  3. KLRBach

    DRZ400 Big Bore Kit Question

    Here's what Eddie found in mine when he opened up the motor.... Seems like the stock 2 piece valves are the weak link of the motor.
  4. Just found this on the Web http://www.bikerlawblog.com/index.php/biker-laws/california+sb+435: Btw, from her website, Fran Pavely appears to be a late 50ish granola eating earth mother living in Santa Monika, Kalifornia
  5. KLRBach

    thinking of getting a cruiser

    Honda Valkyrie...... the only way to fly.
  6. KLRBach

    What do my fellow DRZ riders listen to?

    Alison Krauss, Beatles, CSN, Iron Butterfly
  7. KLRBach

    KTM 690 enduro to a DR400

    I'd replace the 2 piece suzuki valves with the ron hamp 1 piece units.
  8. Well, now that I am approaching 500 miles on this new motor, I have to say that I am surprised at how much I love this motorcycle. It is turning out to be my favorite bike for running around town and up and down Angeles Crest to Wrightwood and back. The motor is so strong, I can hit top gear and stay there almost the whole way up the mountain and back. It seems to handle much better than either my KLR or my Valkyrie on these roads. The motor has really started to smooth out and since the break in process, it looks like it is not using any oil at all. The bike with stock E gearing is quite comfortable cruising at an indicated 60, will easily do 70 with a little more buzzing and seems to top out about 90. My biggest outstanding problem seems to be with the clutch. It still seems to be slipping under heavy loads and WOT. I have adjusted the cable to ensure that there is adequate free play, but the problem persists. Assuming that it is not the cable, what other things should I check? Also, when should I do a valve clearance inspection on this new engine? Do I need to retorque the cylinder head at some point? TIA Randy from Burbank
  9. Hi Eddie I double checked the clutch adjustment and it looks like there is plenty of free play .. and the slipping sensation is still there at WOT acceleration. It looks like the power this engine is making :smirk: plus my weight is overwhelming the existing clutch. TIA Randy from Burbank
  10. I can't believe how fast time has passed.... 3 months already..... but this is the first time in the last 3 months I have had any time at all to decompress. I delivered everything the company required on time and on budget, and we got reorged. My new position looks like it will be much less intense than the previous.... but the pay is the same. My plan for 2009 is to ride the snot out of this bike...... and my 2 KLRs and my Valkyrie.... before I get too much older. I can't explain what happened with the shifting problem other than to say it would not shift out of neutral no matter what I did... there was no kind of external interference that I could detect and I had the motor almost completely out of the bike when all the sudden, it started shifting. I decided to send the motor back to Eddie anyhow just to have him double check the shifter and starting systems, just to make sure that everything was AOK. It felt good to be able to R&R the engine so quickly the second time after the saga of the 1st R&R. I was able to get the bike together and broken-in in time for the Advrider Kennedy Meadows ride, the second weekend of Sept. Here are a few pic... I have also had a chance to ride the bike on several day trips in the Angeles Crest and Wrightwood. I think I may have about 300 to 400 hundred miles on it since the rebuild. My impressions about the bike and my experiences so far.. 1. Eddie and company is a first class act. I would not hesitate to do this again with my next DRZ. The R&R process builds all kinds of confidence wrt to working on motorcycles. Eddie made sure that everything worked as advertised and to my satisfaction. 2. The bike runs great..... I didn't have enough miles on the bike before I blew up the engine to do a before and after comparison, but this little sucker runs strong plus I am comfortable knowing that Eddie built this engine with reliability in mind, and that it should last me for years to come.... that being said...... 3. I cannot wheelie this bike in first gear... I think that all the power this bike is producing versus my weigh (290lbs) is overwhelming my stock clutch. When I romp on the throttle the bike sounds like it is revving quickly but it is not translating into the acceleration I would expect. How does one definitively diagnose a slipping clutch problem? 4. I still have not fixed the suspension problems or the ergonomics on this bike. I did install the DR Risers this weekend and that made a tremendous improvement. I'm not sure yet what strategy I will pursue wrt to fixing/dialing the suspension. Overall, now that I know that I have a solid core to work with, I am planning to get the clutch and suspension done and ride this bike until I get "too old". If I have to do a clutch, should I rebuild the existing clutch or should I get a Rekluse? Inquiring minds want to know. Also, when/how hard is it to check the valve clearances? HTH/TIA Randy from Burbank
  11. I took this new job in July lasting until now that has stressed me out beyond belief..... but... because of yet another reorg of the company in the next week or so... I will have another new job that should be a lot less stressful.. unless of course,,, i get laid off... anyhow... I promise to catch every one up on my DRZ saga.... (stupid clutch... I think) HTH Randy from Burbank
  12. KLRBach

    best value panniers

    I have DirtBagz Rangers on my KLR and was thinking about getting an extra set of racks for my DRZ and possibly adding a DirtBagz X-Duffle. But I came across this GiantLoop bag... It looks really interesting. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=380264 I'm torn between the 2 options. Has anybody had any experience with the X-Duffle option for DirtBags? TIA Randy from Burbank
  13. KLRBach

    catastrophic failure on DRZ 400s

    Kinda sounds like what happened to mine..... the head of one of the exhaust valves separated from the stem.......
  14. I was finally able to sneak in a few hours between business trips to finish up the installation of the motor.. Installed the exhaust pipe, oil recovery tank, and hooked up the wiring... Buttoned up the radiators, added oil and coolant.... Installed the tank, seat and side covers... aired up the tires. I pressed the starter button, it turned over a few times and started right up. I let the engine warm up and checked the coolant levels.... looked for leaks... non found. Took it for its first break in ride..... motor feels very strong.... Starter sounds much better and the transmission is shifting smoothly. The bad news is I have to leave for a business trip tonight and won't get a chance to ride it again until this Sunday. I'll post another report after I get a chance to put some more miles on the beast.. but I think I''m going to like this bike...
  15. KLRBach

    Buying A DRZ400E Tomorrow - Help!

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=629406 with my CA plated 2000E. In a nutshell, if the bike has been used mostly in dirt... multiply the indicated miles by 3 to get effective miles. The weak link of the bike in my case was the original "2 piece valves". Also plan on going through the suspension linkages, especially if there is no history of maintenance of these components. The good news is after having Eddie go though the motor and ESP through the suspension, I should be good to go for many more years with my "ugly" DRZ... HTH Randy from Burbank