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  1. I've read a lot of posts regarding the jetting of a 2001 DRZ400E. The stock main jet is a 142. Stock piolt is 45. Engine is stock. Ride sea level to about 2000 feet above. I plan on removing the snorkel, add a R&D flex needle, and would like to change the pilot jet and main jet. Exhaust is stock. I'm a little confused on the jetting because I have seen posts stating you can go up to a 165 on the main as long as you remove the snorkel. Seems like a major increase in size. Can someone confirm if 165 is too high and maybe the poster meant 155? Typically I increment my changes by 5 and increase as required. Thank you.
  2. maicorider

    Is there a rev limiter on the DRZ400?

    I understand totally, I normally don't do that. I just happened to be reving it up and it seemed like it reached a point that it didn't want to go anymore. Being kind of "stupid" I held it up there for a couple of seconds realizing that I could blow the motor, so I stopped. I came to the conclusion that it must have one when it didn't rev any higher. Now that I know this I have no intention of doing this again. Curious, what does the limiter do, cut off fuel? Just asking because I drive a Dodge with a diesel and it has a governor that shuts off the fuel at 2700 rpm. When it cuts out the motor quits. I found out once pulling a long grade on the freeway with my foot into it, I hit 2700 rpm and it was as if someone shut off the ignition. All I had to do was back off and it came back on. Of course there are spring kits that allow you to modify this gov so that you can go to slightly over 3K but this can stress the engine. thanks
  3. I wanted to know if the DRZ400 has any kind of a rev limiter? I have a 2001 DRZ E and I noticed yesterday that if I rev it up in neutral it revs so high and then it will hold that rpm but doesn't seem like it's going to go any higher. Maybe it would blow if I held it long enough, don't want to find out. When I ride it and climb a steep hill I wind the heck out of it and it keeps on pulling, never gives up. Bike is completely stock, so maybe it's a limitation to the air / fuel delivery on the top end. I'm just curious about this and don't have any intentions of trying to blow it up. All of my old 2 strokes would wind until they threw the piston out.