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  1. Rockwraith

    1997 XR400 Carb Jetting and Performance Mods

    On my '97, I am running 158/58, needle in the middle, with uni filter , no snorkel, Pro circuit T4, 11.5 compression, head ported slightly, header opened up at the flanges, bored to 406 at 8000ft here in CO. I spent a lot of time getting the jetting dialed in. This is my 3rd XR4. She is a beast. My buddies joke around saying it runs like my cummins! Torque monster on the trail. You have one of the best years of the XR4. Best color scheme and carb in my opinion.
  2. Rockwraith

    White Brother E-Series Muffler

    I put the same exhaust on my buddies XR4 this spring. We ride at 8000 ft and up here in CO. With proper jetting and opened up intake, his bike liked 8 disks with arrestor plate installed. Plenty of low end and enough upper end to put a smile on anyone's face. It is a balancing act of air flow and availability for your altitude and getting the transfer spots dialed in with the jets so you don't have any gaps in power. White Brothers is no longer in business last i checked. Still a good system.
  3. Rockwraith

    1998 XR400R bogs and runs rough past 1/4 throttle

    Check your cam timing! If you were running it hard and your cam chain tensioner has seen better days and is loose, you may have skipped a tooth on the cam. Do a compression test. If you have gone through the carb and everything else looks good check the cam timing and the condition of your chain and tensioner. Common issue on the XR4. That is where I would go next.
  4. Rockwraith

    Knee protection.

    I am 4 months out from surgery after tearing my ACL and MCL riding some trails here in CO. Rehab is done and I bought a set of POD knee braces. I won't ride without them. Braces are cheaper than surgery. They won't completely stop an injury but may lessen the effects. I have had 4 knee surgeries and I recently had my shoulder put back together last July from a high side incident involving some barbed wire being strung across a trail. 10" plate and 11 screws in my left shoulder now from a greeny jack wagon thinking it would be "funny" to string barbed wire across a trail. Never enough armor and ATGATT!
  5. Rockwraith

    Big dudes on little bikes(250F's)?

    I am a 200 lb and 6' tall. I ride a vintage 1987 Honda XR250R. Previous bikes were DRZ400 and a an XR400. The XR250R is hands down an easier beast to ride at 40+ years old. I can usually outlast anyone that goes riding with me. At my age I enjoy the adventure more than who is the fastest. I usually ride last in line on trail rides. I enjoy watching the carnage of the younger riders showing off and riding beyond their skill level. I have nothing to prove!
  6. Rockwraith

    bike wont start

    If you spray a small amount of carb cleaner or starter fluid in the intake will it pop? if it does, you have a fuel issue. If it does not pop, then you have a spark issue, but you could have 2 issues if this is the case. You can also pull the plug, leave the wire hooked up, ground the electrode and kick it over or use electric start if equipped and see if you have spark. That is where I would start.
  7. Rockwraith

    Trakmaster II paired with ... ?

    I put a Pirelli MT44 on the front with a TMII on the rear and it is a great combo for Colorado. I ride technical single track on the weekends and ride to work almost every day. Both are holding up well. Both have 1000 miles and the front is still 75% and the rear is at 65%. I am not easy on tires and this combo seems to be working well for a compromise in wear and traction. Just my .02. Good Luck!!
  8. Rockwraith

    3x3 + JD jet kit = WOW!

    I did the 3x3 and rejet this weekend with the JD kit and some recommendations from Burned. Holy *^%$!! This is not the same bike. My bike will do and indicated 106mph with full knobbies (balanced). I was amazed at the power increase. I was scared to get on the highway before, but now I am not. 6,000-10,000 ft 3x3 mod stock exhaust 22.5 jet JD red on 4th clip 2.5 turns out 145 jet Totally rips for Denver Area.
  9. Just got my JD jetting kit. Searched but cannot find the answer. Which jets to use? 2000 DRZ400s Elevation:6,000-10,500 3x3 mod will be done at the same time as jetting Stock exhaust Keintech extended mix screw Directions on JD were vague. I went through every post I could but nothing matched close enough. Any help appreciated!!!
  10. Rockwraith

    DRZ to Husky?

    Thanks for all the input!! I think I am going to looking for either a 510 or a 610. I don't want to buy a new one maybe one that is 1-2 years old. I am pretty good at finding deals on barely used bikes. You guys have confirmed what I have been thinking and have read. Thanks again!!!
  11. Rockwraith

    DRZ to Husky?

    I use my DRZ for everything. I go on 70-100 mile sinlgetrack rides with friends on the weekends. I also do 200 mile DS rides with 50/50 pavement/Dirt. I also do 250 mile pavement rides with friends on Harleys and me on the DRZ. Is the TE610 the only Husky with a wide ratio 6 speed?
  12. Rockwraith

    DRZ to Husky?

    I have done a bit of searching on the Husky section and I am intrigued by the Husky product. I currently own a 2000 DRZ that is thoroughly moded, but I am always looking for a sixth gear. I know there quite a few DRZ converts on this site. I am looking for your input on a few questions. I use my DRZ for everything to commuting with full Knobs, fishing, camping, trailer to moab for the weekend, longer rides of about 300 miles a day. I am a diehard rider and ride year round in Denver, Colorado. The closest dealer is 75 miles away, but I am not worried about parts. I always have to order parts for my DRZ, so ordering for a Husky is no different. What I like about the Husky is the sixth gear and the 50 lb. weight savings. My questions are the following: Is the sixth gear really high enough to make a difference on the highway and is the first gear low enough for serious single track? Can the Husky be a do all bike like the DRZ or maybe be better? I am looking for comments on longevity and maintenance. I used to be an ASE cert tech so nothing is too intimidating. Thanks in advance!!
  13. Rockwraith

    Radiator guards & skid plate opinions

    Unibikers- best hands down!!! Hyde bash plate- it can actually be removed and put back on without having to beat the hell out of it to get it to line up again. I use my DRZ hard and the hyde plate is the best in my opinion. The aluminum ones are too easily bent and don't hold there shape.
  14. Rockwraith

    87 xr250r jetting question

    Thanks Eddie!! I will tear it down again and check for a blockage.
  15. I have searched but have found no answers. I am helping a buddy get an 87 xr250r running that has sat for 10 years. It would not start so I pulled the carb to find it full of varnish and all jets were clogged. Pulled carb and cleaned it thoroughly and soaked. Reinstalled and it and it will only run in the upper RPMS with the choke on half. I am guessing it is jetted too lean. It idles great and starts on the 3rd kick. Runs decent with the choke on half. I am not too familiar with honda jetting, I have a drz400, but I know carbs well. Need a good starting point for jet sizes. Here is what is has: Stock exhaust no mods No intake mods Jets are 40 and 120. Bike will be used at 6500-7500' CO. Any help would be great!!