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  1. Terrapin

    exhaust sugestions?

    Thinking of going for fmf power bomb header with either the Dr.D or Yoshi pipe. Any thoughts on this? Should I stay a header and pipe from the same co? I know some one who runs a fmf header with a yoshi pipe and he likes the setup. Also, I read somewhere about a insulation wrap on the header pipe. What does this do for performance? Thanks
  2. Terrapin

    air box mods

    I already have the JD kit. Rite now Im in research and development mode preping my plan of attack. Air box, exhaust, (thinking Dr.D, or Yoshi) jetting, fuel acelerater pump cover, power now. Not quite sure though and thats why Im here. Looking for recomendation from riders and techs.
  3. Terrapin

    air box mods

    Can anyone tell me where to find more info on air box mods? I have part 1 from CRF's ONLY. Where can I find part 2? Also could some tell me about removing the stock air filter screen?
  4. Terrapin

    help uncork

    Have had my 2006 crf 450x for almost a year now. I am very happy but... I have not done a single thing to it aside from some basics tis running stock with no mods. I am more than ready to unleash the snarl! What can I do? Where and how can I find specific and clear info on uncorking my ride?