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  1. crf711racer

    Places to ride near state college pa?

    cool thanks alot guys!
  2. Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone knows of any good riding places around state college pa( mx or trails)? Im going to penn state and am going crazy not knoing anyone that rides and not being able to ride, so if anybody that rides and goes to psu or lives in the area could tell me know where to ride around here that would be awsome! Also if anyone wants to ride and is willing to show me around that would be even better! Thanks
  3. I have a 2003 CR250 that I can't get the jetting right, if it runs good one day, I could start it the next day and will run completly different. Right now it is 35-40 degrees in Pa and it still fouls plugs. I have a 400 main, 27.5 pilot and the clip is at the highest position and run 32:1 Yamalube. When I let it idle for a few seconds it loads up real bad and needs to be cleaned out real good before it will run right. It also sounds like it loads up right before 1/2 throttle, it kinda sputters and hesitates then the powerband kicks in. If I go any richer on anything it runs even worse and I know that what it is at now is leaner than it should be for the temperature. So I'm lost. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!
  4. crf711racer

    2001 kx250

    I have a 01 kx250, the suspension is re-done by factory connection and for the fork oil level it just says "1". Does anyone know how much oil there is supposed to be in them?
  5. crf711racer

    new boots

    yea i know that the sg10s are pretty much the best boot in the world haha, kinda expensive, but i think im gonna try to save up the extra $$ for them
  6. crf711racer

    new boots

    cool thanks for the input
  7. crf711racer

    new boots

    I'm getting new boots and was looking at the Gaerne GX1's, anybody have them, if so, how are they? Thanks
  8. crf711racer

    Bike wont work

    i just got it running:thumbsup: , i started it, it bogged then i just cleaned it out, and now it runs like it did b4, thanx 4 ur guyes help:worthy: .Im goin ridin:ride:
  9. crf711racer

    Bike wont work

    everything is flowing
  10. crf711racer

    Bike wont work

    no its going through, and the gas is brand new got it yesterday. i made sure the gas was getting thru.
  11. crf711racer

    Bike wont work

    no there was barely anything on it
  12. crf711racer

    Bike wont work

    it didnt work, the same thing happened
  13. crf711racer

    Bike wont work

    thanx ill go try it
  14. crf711racer

    Bike wont work

    Ok here it is: I have an '01 kx250 and the thing wont work, it was running fine before and just stoped workin. We cheked everything, make sure that it had spark, the jetting, the bike doesnt need 2 b rebuilt,the reeds are perfect, theres plenty of compression, the bike starts when we put a new spark plug in it, then just bogs and dies. Please could u help me cuz i had 2 people look at it and they could not figure out what was wrong with it.
  15. Dave, thanks for the feedback, i just turned my clickers all the way in and it did help a lot, Im just going to play with it a little more to get an ideal setup, thanks again:applause: