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  1. MacJammer

    o6 yz450f keeps dying at an idle

    the timing chains are crap on '06s. Pull the cam cover off and try to position the timing marks at top dead center. If you cant get it then you timing chain has stretched and jumped a few teeth. MY '06 did this same thing at about 15 hours of riding. 2 more teeth jumped on my exhaust cam and it would have been kaboom. I replace my timing chain once a year now. They are 13 dollars at any Yamaha dealer. Check it and make sure.
  2. good to see you back on the bike again. Are you wearing knee braces now if so what kind.
  3. MacJammer

    where to buy black wheels cheap?

    Black wheels on a tight budget. You really don't have many options. Keep your eye on ebay religiously and you may be able to scrounge something up but not likely with out damage. Just a note if you don't own a warp 9 don't hate on them. Wheels can last if you maintain them. How about running the right tire and pressure for your terrain and tightening the spokes on a regular basis. My point is there are a lot of factors including neglect that can give wheel brands a bad rep. I can screw up an excel just as fast as a warp 9 if I run my tire at 8psi in the rocks and never check the spokes.
  4. MacJammer

    more pavement pics..

    How much money to get your bike ready for supermoto.
  5. MacJammer

    Bar mounts '06 450

    I bought some protaper mounts with longer bolts and added 16mm spacers but I am still a bit to short on the bar does anybody have a bar that they recommend that would be close to the same ergos but taller.
  6. MacJammer

    where to buy black wheels cheap?

    Rocky Mtn. has Warp 9's in black for $399 so far mine our holding up but only run the blacks in the sand. My buddy runs warp 9's everywhere and they are holding up but they don't feel near as strong as excel
  7. MacJammer

    My Dad

    Sorry for your loss. I know not much can be said to take away the sting but I am sorry. Bike or quad this can be a dangerous sport. I wish the best for your family and your fathers friends that are grieving.
  8. Thank you Motodad393. We all appreciate it. I am indeed sorry for your loss as well. We are all part of a group that understands something that we wish we never had to. Your awesome.
  9. On March 29th 2008 all those that knew Ryan got the terrible news that Ryan is no longer with us. This news is so fresh it is barely believable. Ryan passed away after injuries sustained while riding in the Little Sahara Sand dunes in Utah. Our Hearts go out to Ryan's family only in his late 20's it is way to soon to be parted from him. He was an awesome husband, world class father to his three little girls, and a friend to so many. You couldn't be around this guy and not be happy. For all those who knew him there is a viod that will never be filled. Ryan you are sorely missed we love you and pray for the wellbeing of your family.
  10. MacJammer

    What would you do with $2k?

    My advice is ride a new four stroke and compare it to an older 2 stoke. I have nothing against two strokes I own a few of them as well. But like you stated early on in this post. Why spend your moner on old technology. You really need to run one of these 4 strokes. As far as the overheating issue. Don't pay any attention to it. I ride at moab from time to time that is trials type stuff not a lot of speed. I never even come close to a boil. These new four strokes our killer. I hardley ride my two strokes anymore. Just ride both and make a decision.
  11. MacJammer

    2006 Yamaha YZ 450F

    I have had my '06 since last year in Sept. I ride a lot of desert and sand. The bike is absolutley spectacular. I would keep a close eye on your timing chain. I know a lot of the '06's have had exesive stretching and this can cause an expensive tab. Sweetest bike I have ever owned. I weigh 230lbs and I just adjust the stock suspension settings also.
  12. My '06 was getting harder and harder to start one weekend while out riding at the sand. Until it just up and wouldn't run any more. I did all the stuff you have been talking about and finally decided that it was timing so with the valve cover off and rolling the crank looking for top dead center I noticed that I could't get top dead no matter what I did. Long story short the timing chain had stretched and jumped 5 or 6 teeth on the exhaust cam. I went down to get a chain at the local dealer and a buddy of mine is a mechanic down there. They had 5 other '06 YZ450F's in there with the same problem. I replaced it retimed it and now it is just like it was when it was new. (Check the timing chain) that is my advice. I was lucky enough not to have it jump any more and throw the valves into the top of the piston. Good luck.
  13. MacJammer

    Which Paddle tire to buy.

    Any body try a skat trak with the center fin.
  14. MacJammer

    Dune riding?

    If you don't paddle up make sure you bring an extra clutch. Depending on how much you weigh you should be fine as long as you have a paddle. 6 paddle do not do an 8 paddle.
  15. MacJammer

    How to Wheelie w/ a 450R

    In my experiance it is all a feel thing. Some comments have been made about weight distribution. I agree with these opinions. To get the biggest bang for your buck with weight distribution practice a lot standing up you can throw your weight back and forth a lot faster from that position. Once your get comfy with it go faster it really is easier to keep it there in 2nd and 3rd gear.