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    Float level

    It has, but it might be a few seconds after I land before it happens, then you have to let clear off the throttle to get it to come out of it. It seems like it never seems to start until I've done quite a few laps, I thought it was when the bike gets hotter, but maybe I'm just riding a little different once I get warmed up. Also I'll check to make sure my vent lines aren't plugged
  2. SSample

    Float level

    I believe my bike has a Constant Velocity carb. This might be a dumb question, but does a CV carb have an accelerator pump? Thanks.
  3. My local dealer told me my float level on my 2005 KLX 300R should be at 13mm. Mine measures 13mm when fully closed. I have read that this is measured when the float just touches the needle, not when it is completely closed. Is this correct? I have installed a DynoJet kit and K&N filter, with their 132 main jet and the clip in the 4th groove from the top idle screw 2 1/2 turns out, as their instructions suggest. I have an occasional bog when riding at low to mid throttle then and pinning it. It will bog and not come out of it till you let of the throttle. I cant figure out what is causing this. It only happens when I'm at the track (Lake Elsinore), not trail riding or at Occotillo Wells, for example, but can happen around a jump which can make for a pretty rough landing. It seems to happen after I have been running laps for a while, so I thought it might be worse when the bike warms up, though It was miserably hot at Occotillo Wells last year and didn't seem to happen there. I tried lowering the needle one notch and when that didnt fix it, I then tried dropping the main jet to Dynojets' 128. It still hasn't cured it, though it does seem to be happening less often (It happens so rarely its kinda hard to tell). So I thought since it's only happening at the track it might the jumps and the float level. Thanks.