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  1. looking for some riders to go riding with, anyone in here from dfw?
  2. i dont care. i'm gonna add more to mind like a holder for my stand and my version of a mototek 3 in 1 stand but it will be fastened down and it wont move.
  3. i made one to , here mine. i used it this weekend to install my hot cams and new timing chain and man life is easy with it.
  4. well i checked my plug today and its was black so i guess i'm running pretty rich. what should i change to lean it out
  5. is there any kind of write up on how to do this. the pic isnt clear on where to put the o ring
  6. its colder but no matter what the temp it still bogs the same
  7. yea idles great, runs great, and revs great once u get passed the blip.
  8. ok finally got some time to work on the bike and the parts i needed. so i put in a # 90 leak jet and let the bike warm up and rode around for like 20 mins and still under load theres a bog. so i took it back in my shop and put the stock #80 leak jet back in and turned the ap one turn out, and well after riding still a bog. i even put my stock air filter back in and it still bogs when u blip the throttle. so i have no clue on how to fix this. i am about to just give up
  9. ok so either one should help the bog. your definatly the man. thanks again
  10. would a jd jet kit work, or is it better to stay stock an go to the larger leak jet
  11. ok thanks for the help. i'll try this out and see if it helps
  12. what size should i go to?
  13. i moved the clip down one position but it still bogs
  14. it peaks and smoothes out about 13/4 turns
  15. yea while riding and seems to be worse when hot