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  1. 450X, must not of read about them!!, my 05 450 exc walks from them in 4th gear by the time they catch up its useally after I already shattered the headlight.. Not to mention the heavy feel The X has in sandbends doing 80+. Thats right though if you would been going faster the old bike would of never heated up.. Good luck though. I will say this though, Lucerne 95+ deg and riding hard will boil the best of bikes. I have recalled several time that all 3 of us had a little over flow and that was a 650R wr450 and my bike. Oh for the record the 650 will pull from me at 85 and tops at 101 and mine is 93mph and wr is 91.. All 48 rear spocket.. I get the 650 everywhere but fireroad.. I love that 450exc.. Only issues I have had are driver errror. Mods include quickshot, power now, power vane, hrd headpipe fmf exhaust, ims tank,Baja designs HID diablo,renthal spockets & bars ,E@E goodies and Its a true product of Z racing not to state they did a great job on my sus front and rear..