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  1. CAxt350

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Talked to Jeff at Procycle yesterday, and ordered my FCR jet kit with a merge spring, 155 main, 38 pilot (since I already installed the 40), EMP needle, and a 35 leak jet for only $36 with shipping! One stop shopping! Now I have to see if the Red anodized pilot screw that Rob put on originally is right, or if I need a brass one from Dezine???
  2. CAxt350

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    OK, so I need a 155 Main, an EMP needle, and a APS spring, but do I need a 35 leak jet and a DeZine pilot screw, or did you install those when I sent you the carb? I had you install a red screw, is that a DeZine?
  3. CAxt350

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Rob, What is the final result of your study? The last change I made to your original set-up was EMN-4th position, #40 Pilot, & o-ring mod.
  4. CAxt350

    Street Only Tires What to buy?

    I love my Pirelli MT90 S/T 90/90-21 & 120/80-17 from MAWOnline (eBay)
  5. CAxt350

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    I made the o-ring mod and changed the pilot to #40 a week or so ago. I also adjusted the slide to fit the drill bit and made sure the fuel screw was 1 1/2 turns out. But when i tried to crank it over, it did not want to start. When it finally did crank over, it would die immediately. I guess the idle was so low that the bike wouldn't stay running unless I held the throttle open while it warmed. The choke didn't seem to help much at all. So, I increased the idle until it stayed on, but when I took it to work the next day, it kept dying at the stoplights. I increased the idle a little more, and have ridden it to work every morning without any stalling. In the morning, I still have to hold the throttle on a little for 5-10 secs after starting it so it will stay running. I don't think the bar mounted choke lever is working as well as it used to?? Today it ran really great, but I still have the feeling that it is not running quite right. Anyone have similar symptoms or suggestions?
  6. CAxt350

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Yesterday, I removed the K&N air filter, re-routed the wiring and relay for my Stebel Airhorn that was on top of my airbox, modded my airbox, and installed a Twin-Air filter. Then, as a reward, my $200 eBay FCR-MX came this morning. It is now on its way to Rob!
  7. CAxt350

    Replacement plastics for a Dr650?

    I replaced the white headlight shroud and white sidepanels with yellow a few months ago. Got mine at babbittsonline.com
  8. Have you seen the new Yamaha XT660 Supermoto? When are they bringing it to the US? http://www.motorbikestoday.com/reviews/Articles/yam_xt660x.htm
  9. CAxt350

    XT Riders

    I got my 86 XT350 last year with only 3,000 miles on it. Since then I have put another 3,000 miles on it commuting and taking weekend trips on back road twisties and some offroading in Colson canyon. I am currently waiting for a new source coil to come in the mail so I can work on the next mods: Supertrapp exhaust and a 520 chain conversion with a smaller rear sprocket for more topend speed. I would love any advice from others with xt350 mod experience.