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  1. bigsteve1968

    Suzuki lug pattern size?

    Could someone please tell me the bolt pattern size for a 2007 Eiger hub?
  2. bigsteve1968

    Clutch hub nut question.

    Much Thanks I recieved my parts before my repair manual. And I'm excited to put it back together. I only got to ride it once and felt the clutch chadder. Thanks again. Steve
  3. bigsteve1968

    Clutch hub nut question.

    I'm doing my clucth conversion. I've got my part to do the job. I just got a couple of questions. What is the torque setting for the large hub nut? And I did a search for the torque on the springs, tell me if I'm wrong. It's 10Nm for springs. And 11Nm for clutch cover bolts. And I'm wondering about one of the rings that came with the parts. It's a large ring that doesn't lay flat. Which way does that get installed? The inter circle go in or out? Or does it matter? Sorry I don't have a repair manual yet. Thanks Steve
  4. bigsteve1968

    A couple of ??

    Thanks for the reply.
  5. bigsteve1968

    A couple of ??

    I'm doing the clutch conversion on my 07. I don't have a owners manual or shop manual. My question is what size is the large nut locking the inter hub & basket. My largest socket is a 22mm. And do you need a impact to brake loose the nut, and is a left or right hand turn threads? Soo.. my clutch plates are all intact, thank goodness. But I see what everyone is talking about the basket being loose or wiggles. Mine does. That's why I have the Hinson clutch basket on order. And the 08 clutch parts ordered. And thanks for the info all you TT guys!! Steve
  6. bigsteve1968

    When draining the oil........

    Yeh, I don't plan on doing it myself. I can do all of the maintainence, but when it comes to motor work I'll leave that to the pros. Thanks for the info. I'll have to check them out. Cape Coral is only about a 1 1/2 drive from Sarasota. Did you do a total rebuild?(motor & head) And if you did do you mind letting me know how much? And thanks to the other replys with your help. Steve
  7. bigsteve1968

    Trade KFX700 for A DR-Z250?

    A friend of mine wants to trade a 07 DR-Z250 for my 05 KFX700. Kelley Bluebook says the're less then $200 apart in value. I got to ride it all weekend. I've never rode much of a dirt bike since I was a kid. But it seemed to run pretty good, carbs needs cleaning. And it starts easy. And I know I'll have to check the valves. But I did notice the clutch slipping on take offs. I've done some reasearch and 07 have bad clutches. So I'll have to replace the clutch. Overall looks pretty much new. And another thing I weigh about 215lbs. It seemed to have plenty of power for me, all I do is trail ride in Florida (all flat no hills). So some of your input would be great. Thanks Steve
  8. bigsteve1968

    When draining the oil........

    the oil looks a little silvery. And I've seen a couple of small metal shavings. And one time a small piece of metal coppery color about 1/6" x 3/16" came out the bottom. Seems to me that I'm looking in a motor rebuild. If that is the case can someone tell me about it would cost for a average rebuild. Crank & bearings, Piston, Head work & valves. I'm thinking about $1500 bucks. My son doesn't race, we ride recreational-trails. So the motor doesn't have to be a radical race motor, with high price parts. I just need to know were to start. Any advise would do. Thanks Steve
  9. bigsteve1968

    K&N Filter

    It gets very dusty here in Florida in the winter months if we don't have any rain for a while. Myself I would not run a K&N filter because dust particals are very small allowing to pass air filter to the motor. I run Twin-Air Or UNI filters, better protection.
  10. bigsteve1968

    Tire suggestions.

    They look good I was looking at the Avon tires. Are they the stock sizes? And if I would ride off road with a bike I would ride a CRF,RMZ,KXF etc. The're made for off-road right out of the box. Light and powerful for the deep sand we ride in. I've tried to ride dirt bike off-road, It just wasn't for me. Maybe if we had hard pack trails it wouldn't be so bad, but the deep soft sand is diffacult to ride in. Don't get me wrong I love my DRZ, but every thing has its limits. I've owned alot of motorcycles, but I got to say that my DRZ is the most fun to ride.
  11. bigsteve1968

    Tire suggestions.

    I'm getting ready to buy new tires for my "S". I never ride it off road I have a quad for that. I use it for transportation back and forth from work & running around. I've done some searches and finding out that alot of you guys ride in dirt as well. So my question is should I just buy straight steet tires? Which I really don't want to, I still would like to keep some of the look. What would you guys suggest? I know you don't like the stock tires (Death Wings). I'm thinking like a 90/10 tire.
  12. bigsteve1968

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    12 years Industrial Maintence @ Tropicana Orange Juice Plant Bradenton FL.
  13. bigsteve1968

    No re-jetting

    I was looking at Leo Vince pipes. They say you don't have to re-jet with their pipes. I was wondering what you guys think?
  14. bigsteve1968

    Silencer for a kx100

    No I don't think so.
  15. bigsteve1968

    Silencer for a kx100

    The silencer doesn't do much for proformance, You are better off getting the header first and rejet it. And run the stock silencer and replace it later. I just put a Pro Ciurcit pipe and silencer (shorty) on my kids KX100. The bike runs and sounds great. I got it from a bike shop in Ohio for about $270 plus shipping I couldn't go wrong with that price. His #is 1-419-472-2277 ask for Lewis. P&R Racing