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  1. hardNRG

    Overhauled (LOTS of PICS)

    dude, i just read all 38 pages, and i just have to congratulate you on the effort you have put into your bike, especially at 14 years old. if only i even had a bike still, boy do i miss my crf250!! Matt.
  2. hardNRG

    Help Me Please!

    yeah i have a part time job, but im actually continiously saving for a car, so thats where all the money is going. but yes i would contribute in the cost of the new bike, and i have maintained the xr as well as i could, but it is left at my dads house after a ride, and he doesnt touch it at all. and yes i have considered a 2 stroke, but after riding them so much i have never liked them, and the rumble of a 4 stroke appeals to me a lot more. and he also knows how much i am committed, because i speak about motorbikes all the time and stuff. any help is appreciated. thanks Matt.
  3. hey there, i have quite the dilemma. I want a new motorbike, as my old bike (honda xr250r) is pretty much on its way to the wreckers, and i dont know how to convince my dad in buying me a new bike. im currently looking at a 2008 crf250r, which will be perfect for me, and i have ridden other crf250's and can handle their weight and power. And all of my mates ride MX bikes, and want a Mx bike aswell to begin racing. Is there a way i can ask him, and more of a likelyhood of me getting a bike out of it? thanks Matt.
  4. hardNRG

    xr250 exhaust.

    hey all. im new to this site, and i have a 96 XLR250, im wondering if there is an aftermarket exhaust i can put onto it for more power, or do i have to make it myself. thanks. matt. oh also im from australia, so yea maybe it won't be available here. cheers.