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  1. 250sxfbilly

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    My new 08 530 Supermotard :-) http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn206/billyjo111/?action=view&current=cid_part_02.jpg
  2. 250sxfbilly

    More power for my 530?

    thanx mate , really helpful, will look into it :-)
  3. 250sxfbilly

    More power for my 530?

    yeah , i find the suspension to be really twitchy too , not like the 450smr , i am very hesitant on cornering on it
  4. 250sxfbilly

    More power for my 530?

    I have just bought an 08 EXC-R 530 supermoto ,i feel that it needs more power.I had a Husky SMR510 last year and i am comparing it to that.the husky used to take off on the back wheel without trying but the KTM i really have to give it loads and use the clutch to get it up.They are both 510cc so i thought they would be equal but seems to be nowhere near as angry.Does anyone know of any easy mods i can carry out? It has an Akrapovic pipe already so thats one thing sorted :ride:Also i have just sold an 06 SMR450 KTM to buy this and i think that was a lot quicker http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn206/billyjo111/?action=view&current=cid_part_02.jpg
  5. 250sxfbilly

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    My SMR 450 http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn206/billyjo111/?action=view&current=cid_part_02n.jpg
  6. 250sxfbilly

    smr450 screaching clutch

    thanx guys , i changed the oil yesterday so ill see how it is today ,it is not slipping and shifting is the smoothest i have ever known
  7. 250sxfbilly

    smr450 screaching clutch

    i've just dropped the oil and it reminded me of rat p*ss , i'm goin on a fuel protest run tomoz in Manchester so see how it goes
  8. took my smr450 out today for the 1st time , when i let out the clutch there is a screaching noise coming from the engine , once the bike is moving it stops, anybody any ideas whats the problem. I've had hundreds of bikes but never come accross this before
  9. On my 06 SMR450 it has a brake light but is not wired up.I dont know where to wire it to.I have been told that i need to change the stator coil to an EXC , is this true or can i get it to work another way?
  10. As title says , i can get a pipe off a sxf250 , will it fit my smr450?
  11. Hi , i have a road registered 06 SMR450 , i am wondering do i need lights,a speedo, horn and brake light on both brakes to be legal as i it does not have any? thanx billy By the way i am in UK , rules may be different in other countries
  12. 250sxfbilly

    250 sx-f repair manual

    yes they are different , i have the 06 manual on disc if you want it , in UK tho ;-)
  13. 250sxfbilly

    510 Numberplate

    Try Kelly at Motosportz sales @ motosportz . c o m ,found them really helpful
  14. 250sxfbilly

    Will KTM wheels fit?

    thanx guys , i'll keep looking ;-)