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    24 M I L L I O N acre land grab...

    I don't understand this calculation... Anyway, for what it's worth, I hate to see this too. I'm all for conservation, but I think bills like this are misdirected. I have a hard time believing that ORV use is the biggest problem they can tackle right now. Stuff like this just hurts their cause, in my opinion. Trying to conserve undeveloped land is a worthy goal, but I don't think this is the way to do it. Pissing off and excluding would-be supporters probably doesn't help either. I think most TT members like having undeveloped, unpolluted land, and probably would support legislation that tries to keep some areas that way. I guess we're just not a large enough constituency to matter... Ever wonder how they draw the line? ANY use (human or otherwise) of an area will have an impact on it. How is it decided that a 24 million acre chunk of public land can handle use use by a mountain biker, rock climber, backpacker, and a hunter, but can't quite take the use of an off-road vehicle user? I think it's one thing to ban use in sensitive areas, but I just can't quite believe that all 24,000,000 acres included in this bill are that sensitive.
  2. joecivic

    FCR Question

    Hey guys, I've got a few questions about the Keihin FCR carburetor if anybody has a minute to think about it... My question stems from a problem my brother's '01 KTM 640 supermoto is having: The other day, while riding, the bike suddenly began to rev pretty quickly with the throttle closed. After some diagnostics, I found that the vacuum release plate on the slide is cracked badly, and a good size chunk of it is GONE . I hate to even think about where that piece is right now -- I'm hoping the motor was able to pass it somehow. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that, but he rode it about 1.5 miles back home with no issues aside from some pretty energetic launches (haha). Anyway, the plate is shot (I'll post pics if this piques anyone's interest at all -- I can't figure out what caused it). They're $90 + shipping +$17 for a new seal. All of this is back ordered until Mid June at the earliest. This brings me to my question: Can anyone explain exactly what the vacuum release plate does and HOW? I think it's there to allow the slide to reach the bottom of its travel under high vacuum (idle), but I haven't got a clue how it does it. I haven't studied this much, because I haven't had it in front of me since I learned of the price. The price has inspired me to care how it works, and consider having a replacement machined. I was discussing a replacement made from stainless (I saw this idea posted by tattootodd on this forum) with another guy, and he suggested that the weight of the plate could effect it's performance. I'm far too ignorant about the function of this part to have a real opinion on that, but it seems to me that MORE weight wouldn't really hurt, but less could. Anyone have thoughts on this? ANY information or explanation would be appreciated. FWIW, the guy at Sudco who's talking to me about replacement parts had this to say: "It was most likely a bad seal. The seal is really sensitive, it may still look good but it is not. I recommend changing them at least every 2 years. Change them more often if you use race gas or fuels with alcohol/ ethanol. If you spray carb cleaner or any solvents on the seal, replace it immediately." Really helpful information, and something I had NEVER thought about. Might be something to consider for other FCR owners. (I changed the color of this last bit hoping that even if people don't know the answer, they'll still git the info. Sorry if this is confusing or if this is common knowledge)
  3. joecivic

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    I've always liked this road...
  4. joecivic

    SM610 Model Year Differences

    07 has more comfy seat. 07 FTW!